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    I posted a thread wondering what pain meds everyone took and had a lot of very helpful responses. My doctor is very understanding and has told me to take my meds as needed. "I trust you, I know you are not abusing" but now that my prescriptions need refilled more often, she is questioning me. It was her suggestion to me to take a percocet when I wake in the morn and through out the day as needed. Now she wants to try a different approach.
    I am really worried she is going to pull my scripts and I will be in pain again. Anyone else have probs like this?
    Any advice good or bad is appreciated. Feel free to roast me if you feel the need!!!!
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    Unfortunately, I had the same experience. I went to two docs and they started me on pain meds, and then decreased. Once they were uneasy about the continuous pain meds, they told me that I needed to go to a Pain Management Center, or group. I understand that this can be very costly, unless you have insurance. You may ask your doc about an evaluation at one of these clinics. Good Luck Tina
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    Could you document your pain and when you take the meds? Perhaps use 1-10 level for your pain and document every pill you take. That is something objective for the Doctor and may be helpful for you too.
    I think doing something like this shows that you are responsible about using your meds and it can show the Doctor just how much pain you have.

    Good Luck
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    I have been told that docs will give you pain meds when they think you need them, but when they see that you have recurring pain and will need them on a continuing basis, their procedure is to send you to a Pain Mgt doc or pain clinic for their evaluation.

    If they also concur that you need to continue with the pain meds, then your doc "is covered" in his continuing to give you the pain meds.

    The doc has to "cover his butt" on writing so many narcotics for the same person. As long as he has his "second opinion" by the pain mgt doc, then he won't get in trouble when his files are audited.

    However, if you start asking for refills of your med before you should, the doc begins to pay attention as to how often you are asking for refills. They then begin to wonder if you are abusing them by: (1) taking too many, (2) sharing your meds, or (3) selling them.

    The doctor's medical license is on the line -- that is why he is so careful on who he prescribes narcotics to and how often, how many, etc. Patients have to understand that. However, you also have the docs who are so worried that they freak out about it and won't understand the patients' need for pain relief.

    You are just really lucky if you have a good relationship with a doc who will continue to prescribe the meds that you need ... and you be the good little patient!!!! LOL


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