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    has anyone ever lost their temper. I was trying to send my sleep no bed back to qvc and the women from ups upset me so bad I started crying and had to hang up. Sometimes I just can"t control my emotions. Now I don't want to call back just hope I don"t get the same person. Sometimes I just feel so angry with the world . Thanks I just needed to vent.also does anyone know any Drs in Illinois that deals with fibromyaliga? Sixtyslady
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    I tend to put off anything that will raise my blood pressure or cause me stress or to lose my temper.
    I wait til a time when I am completely calm and know I can handle something. When it is that time, I go slow and speak clearly. If it becomes a problem at least I can handle it because I waited til the time when I would be best able to not lose my temper. Just me, I guess. Yes, I can lose my temper.

  3. sixtyslady

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    hey guys thanks. It really helps to know I"m not the only one. not that I wish it on anyone else. except the women I talked to on the phone. got a joke for ya.
    I'M SO OLD I can
    sneeze, and pee all
    at the same time.
    ( I think they call that multitasking)

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    That is a veery funnny joke...I had to write it down! Thanks!

    I have to write down what I'm going to say on phone! Make bullet points. LOL

    Then, no matter what they say, I come back to MY points I need answered.

    If they make me mad, I hang up! Then call back and ask for mgr or supv., that usually gets them a little more humble.

    When I talk to people in India and can't understand them, I tell them to get me someone I can understand! LOL

    Life is so stressful isn't it?