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    After such a bad day with hubby yesterday i decided to take sleeping meds that i had not been taking for sometime, well big mistake I slept 2 hours and the rest of the night felt like my body was crawling through my skin, while his butt lay in there snoring loud enough to wake the dead. My eyes hurt so bad from crying after all the name calling and so on, I wish they would make a pill or injection so these guys could see what its like to live this way, Sometimes i just want to end all the misery
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    I've been through similar kinds of verbal abuse from two husbands, my sister, and now my two youngest daughters. They are 27 and 28 and have not spoken to me in over a year. They think I "just want people to feel sorry for me". That it is "my choice whether to lead an active life or not." It is very disappointing when people cannot understand chronic pain. The people I know who truly understand are people that have similar pain or treat people that do. One of my friends is a massage therapist and she knows that people with fibro are not exaggerating. My son, unfortunately, at age 32, has chronic pain.

    I wish I knew a magical formula for getting across to your husband that there are times that you just cannot keep up. Maybe you can tell him that you will always do the best you can WHEN you can, but there are some days that it takes everything you've got to do the basics. It takes a tremendous toil on your body when you have a lot of stress going on, so if you can get him to talk rationally with you about everything, it would help. Maybe you can tell him how much you appreciate his hard work. I think sometimes men feel unappreciated. Sometimes spouses feel helpless. They want to "fix" what is wrong and, of course, there is no simple solution

    I know very well the feeling of wanting to get away from the physical and mental pain at times, but there are always some good things to keep us going.

    Please remember to value yourself. Even though you may not be able to do all that you once were able to do - you are still a worthwhile person. I'm grateful that we have the forum where there is understanding. :)
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    I put up with this torture for over 20 years. Why? I thought "I" had the problem. But it appears that I was wrong. So I left him a few months ago. I work like a dog now but at least I do not have to hear crap like he dished out! Please do not label me as a "militant" X fibro-wife! Ok...Go ahead ;) kjfms post about how to make people understand...LOL!
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    you dont have to take that crap. have it out with him.

    i tell my hub like it or lump it, this is me and i cant help it.
    i am very lucky i have a good man but it doesnt mean you should accept less. you deserve a good man too!!

    either ask your hub to step up to the plate and be a man or tell him to bugger off and be someone elses weak minded fool as your getting a man who is strong enough for you!