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  1. donh

    donh New Member

    has anyone got any ideas on how to curb the pain as everything iv used hasnt worked and feel like i cant take anymore tablets
  2. mosherpit

    mosherpit New Member

    I have found that the O24 wipes are almost like a miracle!!! THey really help curb the pain and my daughter and a friend who all have FMS have all starting using them as well. I am trying to find more "natural" alternatives to treating my FMS than all the medications that I have been on off and on over the years. YOu can buy O24 in wipes or spray, on line and in most drug stores. Good luck.
  3. donh

    donh New Member

    thanks will try to find them
  4. donh

    donh New Member

    the worst pain is in my hip my right one as iv no feeling at all in my left side my joints feel like there on fire inside i cant get in the bath and i have epeleptic fits as well so i have to be carefull on what i do and take have you anymore ideas please