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  1. eggie

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    hello i go by eggie im new to this site,and would love to here from anyone on this site.i havent been diangnosed with fipro but i have feel sick alot my body hurts like i have the flu. sore alot and sometimes i cant stand to be touched it hurts,my right hand gos numb when i sleep on it
    i have headachs alot wake with them.this morning i was so dizzy i couldnt walk. dose any body get sick when there in the heat? hope to here from someone :)

  2. raspberrykisses

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    Sounds an awful lot like FM. Might not be but if not you do know how the rest of us feel. I get pretty light headed in the heat. Seems like I'm constantly overheated though. Welcome to the board hun.
  3. Charleen

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    I am sorry Eggie that you are going throught this. You might need to go to a rhumey because it sounds like you might have other things that go along with fibro. Like CFS which is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Ask your doctor if you can see a Ruhmey they will take blood and see if you have other underling problems.
    Good luck
  4. DeborahLynn

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    I agree with what the others have said - it sounds an awful lot like fibromyalgia syndrome, but definitely go to a rheumatologist, so they can rule out other problems that have similar symptoms, and begin to find something that helps.

    God bless!

  5. eggie

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    Thanks so much,nice to here from you:) eggie