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    I am fighting to get the VA to acknowledge the diagnosis of FMS. One doctor has stated this at the rheumatology at the VA in Augusta, GA. however, everything I have requested based on personal research that would be beneficial for my health they do no want to approve. They (VA) seem to be okay with sending me hoards of medication i.e., flexiril, naprozen, lortab, oh yeah zoloft and paxil for my depression. I ask what can I do to increase my mobility from pain, memory, fowl taste in my mouth, light-headed you get the picture. I'm told there's nothing wrong with me. I can still see the smirks, disbelief, cynical responses of the medical professional I've seen since the early 90's. The VA thinks it's all in my head and that I want to get more money, so they won't classify me as disabled or increase my disability so that I can get proper medical treatment and services. Do I need to get an attorney? Do I need to apply for disablity? I truly don't know whether I am coming or going, but I do know I want this insidious cycle to STOP! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME
    P.S. grateful for this site, Thanks Mindy for passing it on
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    If you go to the VA, does that mean that you have Medicaid?

    If you do than you can go to any Dr that takes it. If you do of course that limits your list of Drs, so try to get a referral, I believe you can get help with that from this site.

    Depending on your age it could take up to 3 yrs to get Disability, so you can plan ahead and sign up for it. If you think that you can get a diagnoses by then, and are sure you've been tested for all other possibilities.

    Make sure, if you get turned down by Disability that you appeal, again and again.
    Don't give up. Allot of people do, not knowing that getting turned down is part of the process.

    You can even file for it on the net, but the people at the office help you if you go that route. Try this

    Good luck

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    sorry i had not replied. been working two jobs to keep a roof over our heads. thanks for the support. i will keep in contact

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