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  1. JSearles

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    Im worried ive been feeling quit fatigued for quit some time. I dont want to be too specific for fear of who might read. My g/f of some time recently went away for 2-3weeks and im worried that being so fatigued all the time if she might be...with somebody on vacation other than alone so 2 things...1) Is there anything i can do to help keep her satisfied through my rough times and 2) am i crazy for thinking she might be with somebody?
  2. mindbender

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  3. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I don't know what you suffer from as fatigue can be caused by a whole lot of things but you didn't want to be too specific and I can respect that. If she loves you, she loves you as you are. I have a wonderful caring, loving and supporting relationship in the good times and especially in my bad times. I have Fibro and am no fun at times and have been pretty useless thru the winter. I hope that you find someone who excepts you as you are. Best wishes
  4. coolma

    coolma New Member

    Can only talk by my own experience. Relationships do suffer as a result of illness. Friends, children and even spouses can drift away rather than be exposed to it on an ongoing basis. As I look back now, after some time, I don't hold it against them. It takes a super person to sustain you through all this. If you find one, you are really blessed! It is not that uncommon for relationships to fail due to disability. Good luck, and better health!

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