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    HVACWIFE1 New Member

    Does anyone else have a problem with ithching?
    It started about a week ago just on my back and
    now it is all over. Driving me crazy
  2. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    my dr told me it is a symptom of fm and gave me an rx for hydroxyzine generic for atarax. i also have a book about fibro written by devin starlanyl md and it says it is a symptom of fm also.

    some meds have a side effect of itching though. and as someone posted above about poor liver function i did not know that but i do have a poor liver funtion.

    you can also buy a lotion called sarna and it helps. it does cost a bit though. you have to get it in the pharmacy area it is not with the regular lotions.


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