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    Ihope someone can help Iam realy scard went to my docWensday
    andshe told me my blood test showed some thing wrong with my lever and to go 4 more tests in the next 3 weeks . that night I had the worst flarup ever i was spaseming all over it hurt but i thought if i went to bed it would stop it only got worse we sleep in the basement because its cooler any way my boyfriend said he wouldsleep up stairs so i could try to get the spasmes to stop . the pain got so bad mywhole bodyhurt like was hit by car coulden reach the phon to psge up staairs could onlylay there and cry .in the morning i managed to get phone .my boy friend took on look at me and said your going to er my right foot leg right arm left elbo are all swollen to three times size my body hurt so bad took allmost 9 hours to get dreese and up stairs made a mistake and sat down so he could putmy shooes on .he couldt get me off couch he couldent touch me it hurt to much after many tears and hours i finly lowerd my self to floor and didthe but walk to front door and down the front steeps . er gave me morafene which only made the pain bearable gave me t3s and sent me home.Now I got to bed took my sleeping pils and sleeped .when i wook up this morning my aems and leg and feet are still swollen . has any on ever had thishappen my pain is starting to come back now cant get hold of my doc tel wensday .Just went to bath room my pee isvery dark amber andlooks like red . I am scard is my lever not working ?pleas if any one can help me
    or tell me somthing i will greatly apreceate it ty

    that night
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    You need to go back to the ER and ask for tests. The urine color does not sound right. You need to get medical help ASAP.
    Blessings and prayers to you!

    DRAGONSGIRL New Member

    I'm not a Dr. but this sounds very serious to me. Call your Dr. and go back to the ER! Red urine is not right. And if ER wants to cut you loose before you get the tests you think you need on your kidneys, say NO! Insist they do them. If your in too much pain to do it take someone with you that can fight for you.

    Good Luck and God Bless
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    Hi not sure if I can help, but did they do a urine test to see if you have a bladder or kidney infection? Also have you ever been tested for diabetes?
    I totally understand the pain issue you are talking about it sounds alot like what I go thru. It sounds to me like you need you doc to do blood work.

    Hope You get some results and feel better. Hang in there.
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    Please have someone take you back to the er or another emergency room , I have no idea what this is but it does sound very serious.

    I just think this sounds like something that needs medical attention now , it's not something that can wait.

    Another thought is to please tell the er or the doctor/nurse every symptom that you have . Have your boyfriend or relative/friend help you write down what all is going on if you need to but make they understand each of the symptoms.

    Saying extra prayers for you , please keep us posted when you can.

    Very gentle hugs, Susan
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