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  1. artseyone

    artseyone New Member

    After taking all my meds I'm still in excruciating pain w/muscle spasms.
    Some may say, Oh, you're just in a flare." Well, I'm in a flare 24 7.
    Does anyone else stay in pain and not get any relief? Or do you just go through a flare and it's over with. I'd really appreciate some input I guess it would make me feel better if I heard from others.
    And, I had to cancel another evening event because by evening I can barely stand up.
    thanks to you,
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Artseyone

    Flares can stay for along time and yes also be 24/7. Ive had them last for months. How is the weather where you are at? Ut just dived back into winter and back I went into a flare from h*ll.

    Also are you maybe overdoing it? Sorry about your plans,seems alot of those get cancelled. The best I tell anyone is can't plan ahead and be there if I can. What meds or supps are you on?

    go slow
  3. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    Hi artseyone. Yes I used to be in a constant state of pain. I would read stuff written by people with FM and they would talk about flares and I didn't quite know what they meant. I was always in one, with unrelenting pain. Made me feel like I wanted to scream, or worse. Like you are feeling now.

    Now I know now because I am in a sorta remission. Oh I don't have any totally pain free days, but the pain has diminished. on most days. Sometimes I have flares. I have gone from bed bound to almost fully functioning though. Not enough to work but I can go shopping, help my parents etc.

    When I felt like you do, I would muster up the strength to go sit in a hot tub of water for what seems like hours, take my pain pills, and drink hot tea.

    I am sorry you had to cancel your plans. It's so depressing when we are looking forward to getting out and enjoying ourselves. There will be other times. I understand, and folks on this board know how that feels. I hope you find some relief soon.

  4. pitoune

    pitoune New Member

    Oh yeah, I sure can relate to that one. Been there for several months now but I've come to realize that I've been so stressed out lately that it's more than likely the reason why I have lost complete control over the pain. I would really like to stop taking all the meds I take for my condition but I don't only have FM. I also have DDD with 8 herniated discs, TMJD, Arthritis, IBS and severe bladder problems which is finally getting looked at now. If it was not for the DDD and herniated discs, I think I could probably stop taking my meds but right now, I can't. My life is sitting in an electric wheelchair and not enjoying it one bit so that's a huge stress for me. My children and grand-children being so far away from me is another big stress issue. Traveling to go see them is also very stressful for me. Sitting in a car for 7 hours or longer can really do a trick on my back especially with the roads looking the way they do right now. Here in Canada, I call them Mammoth holes (potholes). They are so big, you're can could probably get swallowed by one

    Anyways, I regress here hehe! All this to say that you and me have to get rid of some of that stress in our lives and I'm sure it would help all that pain or at least, ease some of it. I'm still dreaming for the day when I find a good doctor that will have the magical pill to take the darn Fibro away from us and we can get back to a somewhat normal life. Wouldn't that be nice.

    You hang in there hon and I'll try to listen to my own advise.


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