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    Hello too all ,I'm new to this and i', hoping I can get some help.I hace chronic hep c and have done treatments 2 times with no luck.( since early 90s ) in 07 I had 2 heart attacks and have 5 stents,well I now have cirrosis of the liver.I was told by my doctors that I should file for ssd,the problem is I also have been told I can no longer take treatments for the hep c because of the heart.Does anyone know if I may get approved for the ssd?also I have had many surgerys because of blood clots and I also had bck surgery as well as neck surgery because I broke my neck in 89..please help,my nerves are shot,do you think I would have a chance getting approved for ssd.Thanks
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    Jerry .. I am so sorry you are going through so very much... my heart goes out to you ...

    I went through the treatment for Hep C my self but only once.. and I guess I was lucky as it worked for me... but I had very small traces of it in my liver.. did not have to go through it but opted to anyway... It almost killed me.. as they had to take me off it 3 times the 3rd time my body could not handle it anymore.. so Doc said .. as we where messing with my heart by that time.. felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I hope to never go through such a awful treatment again. I am sorry it did not work for you ...

    if your Doc is saying its time to file for SSD , your best bet is to talk with a lawyer that specializes in SSD . and get some advise.. this is what my Doc has advised me to do . told me other wise you end up getting turned down 2-3 times before you end up with a lawyer anyway... just my and my doc's opinion .

    I can understand just how stressful this is for you... its very scary to say the least...
    do you also have Fibro or cfs. ?

    Sorry I don't have better info for you ... maybe by me responding to you it will bump up your post and someone else can offer some advise.

    My best wishes for you .. you will be in my prayers.


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    im sorry to hear your dealing with multiple diseases, one major one is bad enough. about your question about applying for ssd, my cousin applied and after 2 months she got a lump sum check( she claimed disability from 07 till now.

    no denial no letter, she got her check before her approval letter.while this is almost unheard of, her story is a lot like yours.she is on an insuline pump, has thyroid problems, possible ra,neuropathy,fibro, probably cfs, chronic pain,she fights reocurring viruses like a lot of us do. and she had a hysterectomy.
    ooh and she has blown discs in her back & bulging discs in her neck. im sure im leaving something out.

    hopefully you have a good paper trail of all your problems, i think that is what helped her a lot.i say apply, is there someone to help you wade thru all of the steps?? i know its overwhelming, especially with the brain fog thing.
    Take care & good Luck