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    I haven't been around much becuase my mother has been ill, and had surgery, and we are still dealing with her medical issues, but she seems to be doing better. I am still messing around with this shoulder impingement. It just isn't getting better. I have taken an oral course of steroids, a shot of them, and I just had my 2nd shot of steroids into the joint itself last Monday. The first shot into the joint, didn't really hurt that bad, but it also didn't help much. I'm trying to do physical therapy, but it's rough. The second shot, last Monday sent my whole shoulder upside down. I have a sneaking suspicion, it flared the Fibro. Has anyone else had this happen? Now, since that second shot, it hurts way more than it did before I even went to the Dr. in the first place. The Dr. said, if it wasn't better by Mid November, he wanted to do orthoscopic surgery, and clean out the joint. My other shoulder has begun to hurt as well, probably from overuse, and guarding the right side. I was just wondering if anyone ever had shots into their joints, and it flared their Fibro. I am so tight, and drawn, it makes me want to scream. I'd really appreciate any input, and any advice on what to do next.
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