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    I am so confused. I have been seeing my pain Dr for 4 months. He has tried PT, massage therapy, etc. He did an EMG test on me that showed I had pinched nerves in my neck. To make a long story short he ordered an MRI of my neck, but not my lower back where the pain is worse. My husband and regular Dr wanted me to see a nuerologist, who did order a 2nd MRI of my lower back. Once my pain Dr found out I had this done he yanked all my meds, but my Duragesic Patches. He had me on those plus clonzapan and norco.(He had tried me on oxicontin, but would only give me one script, then stopped it). Well the last 2 weeks have been hell for me. I am in bed 75% of the time, my business has taken a dive, because I can't work, my family doesn't understand why I am in bed most of the time. So I went back to my pain Dr on Monday and he was really rude. Gave me 30 norco and said to make them last a month, because that was all I was getting and I now need injections. What are the injections, will they help...and how can I go back to this man, who made me feel like scum of the earth?

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