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  1. eeyore0512

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    I believe I may be suffering from some sort of depression. I have no health insurance, and not enough money to just go to a doctor. Is there anywhere I can turn to for help?
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    Eeyore0512. I don't know how to do it, but there are some people on the boards who know the steps how to get free meds. from the pharmaceutical companies. I believe it is dependant upon not making more than a certain amount of $. I do not know the details. I strongly urge you to repost your same letter on the rheumatology, depression, and chit chat boards. Hopefully, one of these knowledgable people will read your request and help you with the details. Joyfully
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    Good Morning and Welcome to the Boards!

    I don't where you live but, here in Maryland, we have what is called Medical Assistance. Available for anyone with little or no income.

    Try calling your local health department (check phone book) or your social services department.

    Most will also assist with not only meds and doctors but, also with food and lodging.

    All the Best!

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    I too did not have money to get help because I am an international full time student. What I did is I went to the United Way of America website. I found a great deal of options. I was able to get a great therapist at 1/3 the regular price.
    Take Care