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    I don't know what I should dp anymore. Twice I have taken medication for depression, twice I have thought I was better, and twice I have had it come back even worse then before. No one out there seems to understand, or even care. If I try to tell someone, they think I'm a nut, and never talk to me again. I have no friends, none. I'm alone. Sometimes I wake up and think what's the point of getting out of bed. I have no life at all. All I do is go to work and go home. I have no friends. No one who I can turn to. No one who cares. Part of the reason I think I'm like this is because of my own family. The worst are girls. I remember being laughed at when I was younger if I tried asking one out in school. Everyone of them. Sometimes I wake up and don't even know where I am because I had a nightmare or something from what happened to me at a certain point in my life. What I hate the most is that some people think it's funny. I wish someone out their would care, I really do. I think I could do better if I had a close friend, not just a co-worker who I tallk to once in awhile. I wish I could be the center of attention for a change. Not just someone you get to when you feel like it. I'm so alone, I hate my life.
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    Hi and welcome,
    I am sorry to hear you feel so depressed, can you talk to your dr about puting you back on some meds for it. Once you get on a correct dose that should help you start feeling a little better. I know how family can be because i am there myself, since i got so sick they don't visit or call much anymore. I think it is because they just don't know how to cope with it or what to say to us. I have also lost all my friends since becoming so ill, i know now that they were never true friends to begin with.I don't know where you live, but maybe you can join a church group or what's your favorite hobby, maybe they have a group for it, so you can meet some nice people and they have loads of nice people here that will be here for you including me. They do have a depression board here that may get you more replys to your post. I hope i helped you and i hope you start to feel better and remember you do count and you are a special person and that is alot of reason to get up everyday.
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    Hi Patriot, very sorry for your low spot. I know how you feel, eceryday is a personal challenge to try to be and stay positive. It really does help to have someone to talk to, who cares, will listen and will sometimes make you laugh. I know it sounds simple, but please keep trying to see and appriciate the good things that are in your life, even the little ones, and really appreciate them if you can. I say to myself out loud and to myself, boy look at that person, they heave it much worse than me, I'm lucky I can walk and talk, however slowly. ALl the best. Peace

    PS If you stay on these boards, you will see some wonderful people who care about each other (thats us) and certainly will give advice and answer questions. This may cause you to feel just a little better and that may cause you to feel just a little better. Also, wonderful advice given by previous poster about meds (we are all just chemicals and electricite with a soul, and meds can adjust the chemistry). Don't worry about the people who think you are "a nut" because you know yourself well and should only judge you by what you think of yourself. Good Luck.[This Message was Edited on 08/21/2004]