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    Hi everyone,

    Please help!

    I had a laminectomy of L5 S1 in 1992 which did not help my pain. After many years of living in pain I finally found a doctor that found the problem and in 2004 I had a fusion of L5 S1 with titanium rods and screws and have had no pain since until a car accident on 4/15/11 where I was rear ended.

    I now have a chronic ache in my lower back and hips, sometimes both legs ache, can't sit/stand/walk for long periods of time, I have a constant numbish feeling in my two little toes of the right foot that extends up the outside and the heel of my foot, my right calf gets numb with activity and laying on my back brings me to tears.

    I have had CT, MRI with and w/o contrast of the lumbar spine and just recently had an MRI of the pelvis and soft tissue. All of these tests show nothing of significance and I still sit here in extreme pain.

    I had 2 Neuros look at my films and see nothing and now I am seeing a Ortho who wants to do shots which I am willing to do but I just want answers as to what is causing the pain. If the shots are just a temporary fix I will still need to get to the root of the issue!

    My Ortho thinks that I may have scar tissue that was "jarred" loose when I was hit and may now be pressing on my sciatic. Has anyone had scar tissue cause these symptoms? Can anyone relate to what i am now going through? I am so extremely frustrated and the pain is driving me insane!

    Not smiling anymore! :(
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    Welcome to the board.

    There are several boards at this site. See the menu in the upper right hand corner
    next to the board rules. The most active boards are the Chronic Fatigue/Fibro board
    and the Chit Chat board.

    The Chit chat board focuses on non-medical topics like kids, music, pets, gardening,
    etc. Provides some social life for those of us who don't get out much.

    I don't know much about back problems (except I have a problem back, but the
    chiropractor takes care of that.) I did use to work in the accident industry. Lots of
    back injuries. As in your case, there are often reinjuries.

    Is your doctor talking about epidural injections? There are lots of sites where you can
    read about same. My experience with my caseload was that people reported varying
    results. Most reported some improvement. But it often did not last long, usually less
    than a year.

    But during the period of improvement, patients can sometimes exercise and engage in
    therapy without pain and this provides some lasting relief. You may want to do some
    research on the net and see if you can find out more.

    Good luck