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    hi all i got a letter today saying that they are sending out a doctor to visit me i have in for dla and i am worried sick about it he is comeing out in jan has anybody had the same and if so could you tell me what happends cause the more i think about it the more nervious i get i am no good talking to people especialy doctors i seem to for get to say all i need to say and when i get home i say i should have told him this or ishould have told him that you no what i mean i would be greatful to hear from anyone thanks oh a merry christmas happy new year to all
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    Begin a list a week before his arrival....add notes to it daily as they occur to you. You can refer to this during the visit, to help jog your memory.
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    My youngest daughter gets DLA at the middle rate now as she is both physically and mentally challenged... she has been on DLA for 17 years .. Every few years she needs to be re-assesed and the doctor will need to see her ... Basically they are looking to see what you are capable of doing and what you need help to achieve. They will ask you to do things like bend down and touch your toes (!) and lift hands above your head .. and see if you can prepare a meal for your self, change bed sheets without help etc .. all the daily tasks many other ppl take for granted .. I would keep a diary of what symptoms you have and how it affected you ...Remember to state whether it is a good or bad day .. and EMPHASISE the bad days ... Dont try and be a hero and say you can achieve more than you can .. state what it is like on a bad day ... We have had to fight tooth and nail and even get solicitors to represent Kirsty so she can keep her DLA .. even after 15 months things still arent sorted out properly .. I wish you the best of luck with your claim ... I really hope you are successful .. if at first you dont succeed ... appeal and appeal again .. keep on applying till you get what you deserve .. Let us know how you get on .. also .. look into the possibilty of getting legal representation ... it can go a long way to winning your claim .. If you want to know any more .. feel free to email me .. I can give you the low down on how we finally won the appeal .. Carol
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    thanks to everyone who applayed to me about my visit from the doc about dla i will do everything uses said i just cannot get it out of my head i wish it was all over you would think i was going to the gas chamber ha ha but i just get myself so worked up i will let yous no how it went thats if i dont take a heart attack before then ha ha merry christmas happy and pain free new year to all of you