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  1. mapessd

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    I just found out i will loss my medicade inc in feb..
    I'm in Ne. and for some dumb reason they are cutting back
    I do work and have inc. but the medicad picked up the co-pay for perc. it $40 co-pay and dr is $25 i am on a very limited income and can't afford $40 x 5 on meds any one out ther have any ideas of how to get around this?? If so PLEASE let me know . I have two kids at home and raising them on my own .
  2. PAT

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    I am also on Medicaid. My husband is self employed, so even though we have a decent income, we have 5 kids, and no insurance, so we qualify for Medicaid. Recently the Missouri Medicaid changed, and I nearly lost my coverage. I went to see my case worker, and she helped me wade through the paper work, and stay covered. I know all states are probably different, but Mo. medicaid has different programs at different income levels. I can't imagine that they would stop all of your coverage unless you had a great increase in your income. Talk to your case worker immediately! Every person who is in the system has a case worker. If you are lucky to have a worker who is sympahtetic, they can really be helpful. Good luck, I know it is scary.

    There are also free clinics in each state that can get uninsured people help with meds. Patti G
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    Some pharmaceuticals have free meds for people who qualify and the process starts with your doc.

    Love, Mikie
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    I talked to my case worker but im going to get ahold of a medicad case worker . My income is only 958 gross a month and i was told they are looking to cut off any one w/over 700 income So my piddely 800 clear is too much GIVE ME A BREAK my be if i quit workand have no ins . medicade will pay for it all lol Well thanks for the help . I see my rumy on the 30th maybe he will have a good ides Hugs Sue
    Ps anyone else facing this let me know
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    This must be really trying for you right now. I am sorry you are having to deal with this. Are you sure that they are including your children into this? $800.00 a month seems really low for a house hold of three. I would make SURE they have your children included in that. We too use medicad for supplimental insurance on the children. Without it we would be lost. Our youngest has asma and he has two inhailers at 150 dollars a piece. If there is no way around this you can also speak with the billing department at your Doctors' office about possible tax right offs for them with the co-pays. And the Doctor about samples of your meds. My Doctor, love her to death gives me all free samples and if she doesn't have them she calls the drugs reps for them. Keep trying to do what you can okay.
    Hope things work out for you.
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    Yes that does include my kids they will get to keep theres just not mine. Medicade will not pay for vioxx anymore so my dr gives me samples of that if i don't take it at night i can hardly get out of bed the medicade will pay for a diff. med but my dr. doesn't want me to take it because its really bad on the tummy and i dont need any more trouble w/that im hoping my reumy can give me some advice i know if i could get disability i could get my medicad but as much as that sounds good i dont want to not work reiht now
    thanks Hugs Sue
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    That absolutely stinks in my opinion that you are trying the very best you can and yet they can not see this and help with medical. I feel very bad for you. Be sure to talk with both your Doc's about the situation and hopefully they will help you with free meds. I know it is so tuff out there when you try to do everything you possibly can to provide for your family and it feels as if you get smacked in the face for it. Keep your chin up okay and I will be praying for you.
    Big soft hugs.
    PS and i love your attitude of working as long as you can. I wish i could.