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    Hi I am 23 years old and i believe i may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue.

    I have been in and out of hospital for months and they can not find anything wrong with me.

    Symptoms are
    aches and pains in legs and arms
    chest pain
    panic attacks
    memory problems
    black outs
    sleep difficulties
    bowel problems

    I am quite frigtened because i keep thinking i am going to die and I feel this way all day. Could this be CFS.

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    Iam a sister of someone suffering from chronic fatigue.And all those symtoms look just like my sisters. Also my dad has fibromyalgia. And had those exact same things. I know just a little. My sister is 19 years old. So she is not taking this well. Iam so sorry for what you are dealing with. I cant say I know how you feel. Because I dont have it. But I do see my family. And I do feel there pain. IAm sure somebody on here that has the same thing will tell you more. I hope the best for you. take care.(froogy)
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    We understand why you're scared, and we're glad you found this board. We've all been scared at one time or another, because there's no denying this is a serious disease, but the main message you should get here is THERE IS HOPE FOR A BETTER LIFE.

    You certainly seem to meet the CDC Criteria for CFS, but that may not be particularly helpful to your physician. It is important that he check and make sure other possible causes of chronic fatigue have been ruled out, but this is not a "rule-out" or "wastebasket" diagnosis. Canada has come up with a clinical definition for ME/CFS which was developed by an Expert Consensus Panel. Their report, which was unanimously approved by members of the panel, also includes treatment guidelines. Other case definitions have been developed, and your doctor is probably familiar with the CDC case definition, which was developed for research purposes. Many clinicians agree that the CDC Guidelines have many flaws; they are not much use in clinical practice, partly because they allow so much overlap with other conditions.

    Sorry if this is a bit more than you bargained for when you asked for help. Brain fog can be a big problem, and I hope I haven't confused you or worn you out. You might want to copy this note and take it in to your physician. If he is receptive to learning more about this condition then you both have a chance to explore options that may lead to significant improvement, even if no one is yet ready to claim they have found a cure. Above all, do not give up hope, and remember there are people who believe in you and care about you who will be holding you in their thoughts and prayers as you continue your search for better health.

    Best wishes in your journey,

    PS, I'm a family physician who has been dealing with FM/ME/CFS in my own family. I can't substitute for your personal physician, and certainly do not want to interfere with that therapeutic relationship, but I'll be happy to answer questions and clarify issues whenever I can. Please let me know if you or your physicians have any further questions. (Be sure to include my name in any messages so Ill be sure to be alerted to them.)
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