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  1. kezza_nottm

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    I have recently come out of hospital due to a suspected pulmonary embolism. Although scans came back normal I am suffering chest pain and leg pain. I am a CFS sufferer and i am convinved i am going to die from a clot on the lung. I am in and out of hospital, everything comes back fine.

    Could my CFS symptoms be causing this pain?
    Has any one else suffered from this severe kind of health anxiety?
    Could this be some kind of panic disorder?I have had panic attacks in the past due to my CFS

  2. magic

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    I have also been to hospital and come away with nothing wrong.I also have pain across my chest,but not heart problems.I am from Lincolnshire.
  3. kezza_nottm

    kezza_nottm New Member

    what kind of chest pain did u have my pain is all over my chest and it is pain on breathing it frightening but doctors ant find a problem. Do you get pain in your legs as well?
    Where abouts in lincolnshire are u from?
  4. AnnG

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    Check out Rosemarie's post. She is going through something similar. I think all of us have had panic about our health. The symptoms are just too strange and too strong not to! Do you think you have FM too?
  5. kezza_nottm

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    Well i actually think i have CFS i am not 2 sure about FM although i have started to develop pain in my knees and in my arms recently