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    I'm finding Julie Daniluk's books about the anti-inflammatory diet to be very helpful. All her recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free, and many are quite easy to make--especially important if your muscles are weak and you find it hard to stand for long periods, which I often do. For breakfast, she has an amazing variety of blended drinks that are truly delicious, and I adore her salads as well. She has a solid background in nutrition, so the books are very informative about the benefits of eating certain foods and avoiding others.

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    Thanks for sharing these books with us. I just love to read such book for a heal;thy life style. Can you provide some links for healthy cooking.
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    interesting!! even I'm thinking of reading it. I'm sure it is worth reading.
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    I loved Perlmutter's Grain Brain. I finally understand the science behind low-carb eating. He's a great writer and makes it all understandable. I also really like his Grain Brain Cookbook.