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  1. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    Does anyone have any helpful hints to make our household chores easier?

    I keep a small stool in front of the dryer so I dont have to keep bending down and this way when I pull the dry clothes out I fold them right into the basket.

    Ceramic Tiles, I pretreat the tiles with bleach and water that I use in a spray bottle before I have to mop it up with my Hoover Floor Mate.

    I would really like to hear about your helpful hints.

  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    This is what was passed on to me once: Mr.Clean Magic Erasers. I have a woman come in every two weeks (not real expensive), but I use the erasers to clean up counters/basin, etc. without having to put too much elbow grease in it.
    Good subject.
  3. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    those sponges.

    Ok, that is on thing I will put on my list to try out.

  4. jennyjams

    jennyjams New Member

    The biggest home-saver I've got is the dishwasher. EVERYTHING goes in there. It helps keep the kitchen tidy but also keeps the fear of cooking and having to clean after a bit at bay.

    I keep a pack of bathroom wipes (towels pre-moistened with bathroom cleaner) in the bathroom. My husband wipes down the sink every time he shaves (every 2-3 days), and between the two of us we wipe down the toilet probably about twice a week.

    In the kitchen I use Fairy products (I don't know if that brand exists in the US). They were recommended by a professional home caterer whose job depends on her being able to quickly and thoroughly clean other people's kitchens. Squirt or spray and let sit for a bit and then most mess wipes away pretty quickly.

    I've been trying to pare down on the decorative bits around the house. It makes it easier to run a quick dustcloth over surfaces once in a while.

    I bought myself one of those p-touch label makers and have tried to become excited about organization - it's becoming a new hobby. It makes such a difference though because when things have real places where they belong, it is easier to keep the house from becoming overrun with stuff. (Some of the latest things: shoe cupboard so no rows of shoes by the front door, filing systems for papers, photo albums for all the stray photos, small drawer units with labels for various bits)

    But my biggest hint is one I'm still working so hard on ... LOWER STANDARDS. Until I win the lottery and can afford a live-in maid, the windows won't be cleaned as often as I would like, the floors won't get mopped, and once in a while there will be collections of dust on the floor. I do what I can, which is generally very little (though I try to do about 5 minutes a day, which keeps me feeling useful), and my DH does the real lion's share, but he's my partner, not my maid, so I can't expect him to keep the place spic and span AND take care of me as much as he does. So I work on tidy and give up a bit on clean. It keeps my sanity.
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  5. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I keep a roll of liner bags right in the bottom of each wastebasket. Then when I (or one of the family) take out the trash we can just reach down and grab a new bag; no running all over the house "where's the trash bags?".

    And I use the Lysol or Clorox wipes - a great invention.
  6. day2day

    day2day Member

    on hand at all times, I find the wipes are so pricey. I have the bottle marked everywhere BLEACH, with a permanent sharpie so it won't be grabbed by mistake. That bleach bottle comes in handy for everything, specially in the kitchen where food borne bacteria is so prevalent. I keep one down stairs for kitchen and bathroom, and one upstairs in bathroom.

    I have my son in a routine where if he does not keep his stuff in a neat way or starts pack ratting it too much, it is gone. That was one of the big struggles here. At first it was pure heck to get him to comply, but when he knew I ment business all I have to do is grab a trash bag and he goes a running to pick his stuff up.

    Foods that I have to marinate or coat say with bread crumbs etc.....I buy those plastic bags from grocery store and throw the stuff in there with the meat....and either marinade or coat it, when I am done I just throw the bag plates or bowls to clean.

    Those are a few of my shortcuts.

    I bought an awesome set of cookware a couple years ago, and clean up with the pans are unbelieveably easy......the stickest messes wipe clean, so instead of rinsing and thowing those in the dishwasher, I just wash them on the spot, leaves more room for the dishwasher for dishes.

    I use paper cups, plates, and even paper coffee cups (recycleable), this really cuts down on dirty dishes and also saves on my electricity bill.

    I try to use the clean as you go method, ( my rooms is a different story, lol), it only takes a second to put things away and is less stressing. If I let it go, then it is overwhelming to me to see the clutter building up.

    I bought one of those small dust pan/ brush sets a the dollar store, its mini type, I use it if I drop say coffee grounds on the counter etc.... to just sweep it right up, I don't use this on the floor.

    I keep a magnetic pad of paper for my grocery list, that way I don't make a list or have an ongoing list that is misplaced somewhere, and just add to it as needed, believe it or not this has proven to be a real time saver and help.

  7. cinnveet

    cinnveet New Member

    I wish I knew about some of your ideas before.

    I am going to start doing alot of what everyone has suggested and maybe, just maybe, my life will become a little bit better.

  8. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    It helped me a lot when I realized how much I could get done by doing one little thing at a time.

    Like one day, I'll clean the toilet, another day the mirror, another day sweep the floor, etc. I will also just vaccuum one room at a time. Do the stairs another day and so on. I used to just look around feeling crummy and thinking I'll never get this place clean.

    I've also gotten rid of a lot of clutter by shredding papers and donating household items and used clothes.

    And I have long given up on perfection.

    BTW, I just used the Magic Eraser for first time yesterday and it works unbelievable!

    God Bless,

    Sue in Ontario
  9. puggymom

    puggymom New Member

    I have a schedule that helps me keep the house neat.
    Monday - vacuum
    Tuesday - Dust
    Wednesday - Laundry
    Thursday - Bathroom
    Friday - Kitchen

    Those Magic Erasers are the best.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    gets my vote.

    I do as little as possible.

    I don't make beds
    Don't iron.
    Don't have guests.
    Don't wash the windows. (Who wants to look at a fence?)
    Don't wash the walls.
    Don't pay any attention to household tips like: wax your dustpan so the dirt won't cling.

    "Well, that doesn't sound like gracious living to me. I don't think I'd like to live in your place."

    Actually, I don't like it much myself. Soon as I win the lottery I plan to hire a housekeeper.

    But I do clean my computer screen. Gotta be able to read this board.
  11. jennyjams

    jennyjams New Member

    Another one i remembered that has made a huge difference is make sure what you need in different rooms is in different rooms. In my house ...

    Every room has a wastebasket (and a box of tissues!)
    There are 3 different paper recyclying bins - one in the study, one near the front door (for junk mail), and one near the kitchen
    There are multiples of other recycling bins, particularly cardboard and plastic (one in the kitchen, one in the utility room)
    I keep a dusting cloth in a drawer in the lounge. I can dust the tv screen when I go to turn it on and do a surface or two when I go to turn it off.
    We've got 2 toilets, so we've got 2 bottles of toilet cleaner. I get a natural, non-corrosive one so I can just squirt it and leave it.
    In the toilet I've put one of those under-the-rim things that cleans and deoderizes with every flush.
    The shoe cupboard is near(ish) the front door, so shoes go on and off as we go out and in.
    All bathroom cleaning supplies are kept in the bathroom.

    I live in a bungalow (or ranch, depending on where you're from), so it's not so bad to go and get what I need if I'm up to a bit of cleaning. If you live in a house with multiple floors, it's probably worth investing in duplicates of various cleaning solutions and tools so that there's less wandering and carrying.

    I'm definitely going to try some of the other ideas on here! Thanks for sharing, everyone.
  12. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    The swifter floor duster and regular dusters are a lifesaver. We just replaced our old kitchen linoleum with a wood floor that just needs a little dusting now and then. We also have a wood floor in the living room area. Now, if I could only get dh to remove his boots EVERY TIME!

    I keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy. You can use it for spills, stains...

    I also keep bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom, tissues and waste baskets in every room. I like the bathroom wipe idea. Maybe I can get hubby to clean up after himself. Yeah, right.

    I like to throw in a load of laundry as soon as I get up and by the time I've breakfasted and showered, it is ready to be hung up or thrown in the dryer. I do NOT keep my laundry to do all in one day.

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