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    All of us with Fibromyalgia & CFS and a host of many other condiions live with fear and doubt on a daily basis. We live in pain and depression and even sometimes anger...Why? What is the Purpose of having this disease?

    I don't know the answer to those questions. But, I know someone who does! A someday we will sit down and He will tell me all about it.

    Until then, I have found a book I have read many, many times. It is Hinds' Feet on High Places, by Hannah Nurnard. It is a short read. It is an allegory. The main character (in the beginning) is a little woman named "Much Afraid." She lives in a village and has to take a trip..a trip she doesn't want to takes her through many valleys, ect. Humilations, Trembling valleys.
    She is contantly harrassed by a man who wants to overtake her life Craven Fear. Along her journey she meets many friends...Mercy, Peace, Goodness.
    Most important of all she keeps "feeling ths presence " around her, especially when she is at her lowest point. His name is the Good Shephard.

    Have I got your attention yet? This bood can be read in ne sitting (254 pages) and even a ten year old can understand it.
    I have pulled this bood out and read it so often it is almost ready for the good ol'duct tape repair! It cost me about $8.00 back about three years ago and is available at any Chrsitian Book Store.
    With Fibro Fog so bad some day, I listen to the Bible on tape while driving or at night when lying down.

    I am in no way putting this book ahead of the Bible, God's Holy Word. But, sometimes with my fibro fog so strong, I can't concentrate on the Bible..and I can this simple yet so powerful story.

    If you purchase this book and read it, please post and let me know what you think of it..pros and cons.

    Happy Reading,
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    Hind's Feet is a wonderful book! I read it about 15 or more years ago, and it has always stayed in my mind very strongly.

    A friend of mine read it also, and we refer to 'Much Afraid' and her journey from time to time. It is truly about our spiritual journeys, and is very faith- strengthening.

    I believe there is a sequel to it.

    Many Blessings on your own spiritual path!!