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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Andrew111, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Sometimes in chat rooms, newly sick people would ask me questions that were too difficult to answer quickly or easily. So I started writing brief articles to cover these. Then I could simply point to them when someone asked.

    Progress has been slow, but I have a few of them up. If you'd like to take a look, here's the link:
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    I wasn't posting about thyroid, but this is an interest of mine.

    On one side we have the fact that some CFS patients do indeed need thyroid meds. And also the possibility exists that this might be the case despite tests not indicating this. On the other side, we have some CFS doctors who have become reckless with this. They use it as a standard thing to try with CFS patients. I know of one cfs patient whose heart attack was caused by ramping up her thyroid meds recklessly. And it wasn't a mild one. This was confirmed by the director of the clinic where she was being seen. This was at one of the fibro and fatigue centers, btw. And they are supposedly experts in this type of approach.

    Bottom line. Yes, thyroid might be an issue. But be very careful. This is not a benign medication that someone can simply role the dice with.
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    I agree. People should consider this.

    BTW, I've been on Nature-Throid for a few years now. I ran out a week ago and was not able to replace. I'm still working on that. But oddly, I've been feeling better since running out. Could be coincidence. I'm having a telephone consult with my doc tomorrow, and then I'll go in as soon as I can to sort this out.

    I should also mention that my case is more complicated than most. The radiation treatment I received has a track record for damaging the thyroid. And I'm a bit confused about how all this is contributing or not.
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    As a follow up, I saw my doctor and he showed me the tests. Frankly, I fail to see these scores as near the bottom range, even though he said they are indicative of a need to be on thyroid. He did add that this other test he gave me indicates that the supplement could be disagreeing with me. Be that as it may, when I posted about this in another forum, I heard from several other patients who had bad reactions. But I do realize that thyroid can help others. My advice would be to be very careful with this supplement. Don't let a doctor increase it too fast. Look to see if it's helping, but also realize it could make you worse.

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