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    Great ideas, you are on a roll!

    I always take a cart into a store, so that I can lean on it when I get tired.
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    I have come to the point in my life that I don't shop many places that don't have shopping carts. They are the walker that I don't allow myself to rely on yet.
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    My mother found a place that had the micro safe plates with dividers in them just like frozen dinners have.
    She did that for years and not for any illness she had or anything. It was just nice for her and my dad to have one less thing to deal with.

    I'm always suggesting to my husband, who also has pain issues, that if we'd spend a Saturday or Sunday preparing meals like this we wouldn't have the hassle every evening of trying to figure out, "What do you want for dinner?". We usually go for the fastest easiest thing and that's not always the most healthy choice.
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    When I grocery shop, I put all the frozens and perishables together at the checkout for bagging. I have a station wagon. The perishables and frozens bags are put in last, that way I can take them out first when I arrive home and put them directly away, and if I am too TIRED to put the rest of the non-perishable stuff away, well it can just wait, or I will have my kids do it.

    Put a whole pile of plastic trash bags at the bottom of the trash can, that way when you empty the trash there is another bag ready right there, you just need to open it. No need to go searching.

    Work around your own energy (what little we have of it). I do best in the morning with physical things, like cleaning. In the afternoon I am sluggish so I try to do brain tasks then (of course some days brain isn't so good either).

    I use the Lysol wipes, no substitute for a good cleaning but they'll do in a pinch.

    I try and pick up as I go, not easy some days but it keeps a mess from building up.

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    See also the thread I started on "Favorite Gadgets and Gizmos" There are some great suggestions there, too!

  7. Rene

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    Hi Mine all paper plates forks ect.
    I am alone so in my case its good.

    One thing though is if you do have to unload the dishes but to tired, put the clean dishes on the counter. I may have CLEAN dishes there for day but atleast I won't have dirty ones piled all around cause my dishwasher is unloaded.
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    This is just a little trick that helps me a lot in the kitchen. I bought lots of spoons, teaspoons, tablespoons, small measuring spoons etc., from St. V de Paul charity shop and put them in all my containers in the cupboard. So, when I make a cup of coffee, there is a spoon in the coffee container already
    (I don't get it wet - I measure and put it straight back in the jar). When I go to make a protein drink, there is already a measuring spoon in the container etc. It's only a small thing, but everything helps. Thanks for the suggestions. I shall certainly check the favourite gadgets link and looke for more on this site.
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    first, I found these very tall very flexible rubbermaid type hampers with handles on top. There's 4 flights of stairs between my bedroom and my basement, and laundry was a real problem! At least now, I can't do a ton of loads in a day, but if I'm having a decent day I might be able to get clothes downstairs into washer and dryer...then hubby brings them up to fold.

    Its easier asI can simply "drag" this hamper in back of me, or drop it on the step in front of me. Normal hampers weren't working for me as I couldn't hold them and see my feet when walking down stairs, and between pain and lack of coordination, made it very difficult. Also, I do loads about 1/2 size I used to...otherwise, I cannot bend over that many times to switch from washer to dryer.

    Also, and this was a suggestion from my phd in pain mgmt...I set up a "mobile command center"...this is basically a cute little travel trunk that looks quite good on my coffee table or in my bedroom. Its not overly heavy. In it I keep my meds, basics I always need like wet ones (I use lots of topical analgesics...terrible about getting that stuff in my mouth after I apply it with hands...thus, the baby wipes!), my emu oil and lotions, whatever books I'm reading at time, and also my tiny notebooks that contain all contact info for docs, notes on disability etc, and my little drug diary where I write down what I take, as soon as I take it. Also have things like chapstick and nail files...any little thing I might want throughout the day. Add my cell phone, and I'm set for a while. I started this because I realized I was using up waay too much of my extremely limited energy on unnecessary trips...was forgetful, so would go get pills, but forget pill diary and have to make another trip...this eliminates all that. Plus, when I have a really knock down drag out day and really just need to be in bed (looks like tomorrows gonna be one after what I pushed myself to do this weekend!), I can just grab the whole suitcase, and I've got whatever I need.

    Also, I now WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING. I got mixed up with basic math a few times (I am a mortgage broker before I had to go on disability! basic math is killing me!) and took way too little medicine. Now I write it all down. I need to take my pills...or wait, did I just take them? Its all got its own little book to make sure I don't forget anything essential. I also get confused as to what day it is, so I always have a pocket calendar with all my doc appts etc on it, and cross off days as I go.

    I know this all seems nuts, but believe me, It isn't what I expected to be dealing with at 30 years old! lol....also, I have a near impossible time vaccuuming. Heavy vaccuum, repetitive motion. I'd have to rest every 2 minutes...would take me forever and kill me with pain. I found this INEXPENSIVE little vaccuum which is super light, converts into a handheld cannister thingie for stairs or drapes...its called the bagless shark and I think it was only $30 or so. Cleans hardwood, carpets..pretty much anything. And does have some serious suction.

    Hope some of these come in handy! Oh, I've also started buying paper plates (you know, with the little wicker plate holders)....that really limits the times I have to bend down to lowest shelf of dishwasher, which kills me.


    And Stinker 56 hit the nail on the head with the shopping cart as walker thing! When my pain is concentrated in my knees and hips, I can barely walk...leaning on cart is only option, and can only do that for a few minutes!
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    Everyone has such great ideas!

    What helps me is:
    * Lowering my expectations

    * Making lists of everything, like an overall to do list, then a specific one broken down for cleaning, for example.

    * Cooking: big batches of soups, and crockpot cooking. Cook early in the day before I'm too tired. Freeze leftovers for a day I can't cook.

    * Clean with a steamer: it's easy, loosens dirt/grime, reduces scrubbing.

    * Use 15-minute increments to tackle a job. Set timer for 15 minutes, clean or straighten. When timer goes off, rest for 15 minutes. Then go again if able.

    * Hire a reliable teenager to help clean when needed.

    * Put on the music when cleaning, esp. oldies.

    * Organize vitamins/supplements/meds for the whole week in a vitamin divider container.

    * Before bed at night, I take a look around and ask myself: what do I not want to look at or do in the morning? Then wisk it away.

    * Pay bills online, this is a huge time-saver and stress reducer for me. I list everything in a bill calendar and pay twice a month. When I pay, I then list each bill in my check register with the amount due. Then, open the bill-payer online and list each payee and amount. Next, press a button, and voila, it's paid! Magic, and no stamps or envelopes to lick or mail.

    This is a great thread!

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    1. Get rid of stuff; make other people in your house get rid of stuff; make people who no longer live in your house take their stuff out of your house!

    2.Own your space. Make it yours. Take over the closets and cabinets. Sit in a chair and clean the drawers.

    3.Get rid of makeup that is over a year old. It gets contaminated.

    4.Do what I call the bare minimum every day. Swiffer the kitchen, do a load of wash, pickup house, put up dishes.

    5.Hit the couch and watch Dr. Phil and Oprah.
  12. elastigirl

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    I have a 4 year old at home, so here's a couple of things I do to make life easier:

    - I use Reynolds Release Wrap for his craft projects, especially PlayDoh -- ugh, what a mess! With the Teflon-coated aluminum foil, he gets his fun, and I get an easy clean-up.
    - Since I wash all underthings in one load, I've started rolling one each of his undershirts, underpants and socks up together as you would for packing. Takes up less space in his dresser, and I don't have to scrounge around for three separate things in the morning.

    One major project I'm working on is getting my dresser and his dresser both in the room closest to the laundry area. It will make putting laundry away so much easier if all of it's in one area. Plus, at his young age, he doesn't care where his clothes are stored.
  13. JLH

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    1. My telephone headset - I hook it up to my cordless phone so I can talk "hands free". Helps prevent more neck and shoulder pain. (Cost $29.95 at Radio Shack - has volume control for hard-of-hearing people)

    2. My "seat cane" - that I take into stores and other places so if I can't stand up any longer, I flip down the seat and sit down. Cost: $35 (holds up to 350 lbs.)

    3. My massaging heating pad - provides heat like a regular heating pad as well as a massage. (Cost: $15-$20, can't remember exact price)

    4. Mr. Clean long-wand bathtub cleaner. Cost: $10-$15 at Wal-Mart

    5. Swiffer Products: regular dusters; long-handled dusters for ceiling fans, cabinet tops, etc.; swiffer wet mops and dust mops; and swifer wet jets.

    6. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser $2.00

    7. Shower Chair (without back) - Rubbermaid heavy-duty, $35, ordered online.

    8. Long-handled shower back brush (fluffy net type) - $1.88 at Wal-Mart

    9. Diabetic Shoes and wonderful inserts - upper part of shoes are made out of a stretchy leather which allows room for my swollen feet

    10. Rubbermaid sweater box w/lid - which is perfect size to hold all of my prescription meds (23) as well as most of my supplements, too.

  14. sues1

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    Do not laugh.....okay......go ahead and laugh.....when weather is cold wear sweat clothes......even to bed. Those really cold days I am wiped out! If someone drops by and you were napping......or slept late......they do not know you are in your "PJs". Can even grab a coat and slip on your boots if you have to run an errand and too tired to clean up. Just comb your hair and maybe a dab of lipstick.
    SWIFFERS are great! Short handled and long handled dusters. You also do not get windex on your wood or polish on the just swiffing instead.
    Light weight sweepers.
    Dustpans with long handle on it
    When someone stops to see you, while they are can ask.."Would you mind putting this pan up on that shelf as it is hard for me to reach" I think one favor to ask from them is enough, but helpful.
    Paper plates at least for sandwiches and snacks!
    Keep paper tissues all over the house so you do not have to get up. To keep clutter down...Keep lots of small waste paper baskets around and use the plastic bags from the store as inserts. When emptying the baskets just pull out the bag and tie the handles. Keep extra bags in the bottom of the basket for to have another handy to use.
    When you just CAN'T cook and a family member comes in the door and asks what's for dinner, reply.."Chef's Choice and You're the Chef". If you smile and laugh they usually will also.
    Keep extra salt and pepper shakers on the table, no reaching. Many things duplicated where used is nice.
    If you do dishes by hand......put them in the sink and add soap and all hot water, add hot sudsy water to pots and pans and with a damp cloth or sponge really dampened the stove and counter tops. Water is too hot for your little hands, so go and lay down a while.

    When you get back up the water will be cooler and dishes has almost washed themselfs. Wipe off counter top.....easy to do now they have soaked and stove also. Sometimes I use a little Windex on the stove to make it really shine and refrig. also. Wipe them with a dry towel then. Finish your dishes and pots and pans. Let them dry naturally. That is why God made dish drainers!
    Keep a barely damp paper towel in a closed bags for your fresh carrots and other veggies. They last longer.
    Put paper towels under meat you are defrosting in refrigerator, so the shelf does not get messy.
    Only clean refrigerator door shelfs on one day and the other shelfs another day.
    I bought a smaller bed and it is easier to make. Only get Bed covers that are easy to handle. If too tired to make the bed, close the door to your bedroom!
    I keep giving things away. I keep trying to reorganize things. Just because you always did things a certain way does not mean that you have to now. I gave a way all my cookie cutters for example and craft things that I know my hands will not allow me to work on the projects. Less clutter for me and enjoyment for someone else.
    I keep a tablet and every month and year is at the top of each page. I write down the regular bills one to a line, and add subscribtions, car insurance, club fees, etc....all on their own line. As I pay each I write down the check number, date paid and amount. This sure brings less stress as I do not forget to pay something. Also easy to refer back to when needed. I put medical on the opposite side of the page and if for me or my husband.

    Go ahead and write checks a head of time! Just do not mail them.....yet! Where the stamp goes write down due date. As you get paid you can put stamps over the date and send in the bills easily.

    Can do this on birthday cards and such also.
    Anything we can do to keep some parts of our lifes less frenzied is a blessing and we can be proud for none of it is easy!
    Keep your sense of humor (not always easy) and it carries over to others. For example I lie on the TV room couch so much......that one of my sons thinks I should have clocks and pictures in that room I can read the clock and appreciate the pictures more naturally! (LOL).
    Buy a easy to shake and wear wig. Many are so real! Even if not real hair. If you go out or have company you can grab it and put it on. If you look feel good!
    AND MOST OF ALL!!!!!!
    Bless your husband and children, friends and treat them kindly. Even if you can not do for them all the time. Let them know they are so important and appreciated.
    Blessings to all........

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    Shopping carts are a life saver.
  16. I always check the grocery ad and make a grocery list, and double ck. that I actually have it with me, put it in my pocket.

    I just bought a rubbermaid dustpan with a long handle that has a small broom attached to it and love it for the kitchen! It really comes in handy as my husband tracks in and out alot leaving dirt from his tennis shoes.

    jlh where did you find the cane chair? do they question you at the door bringing it into the store?

    I also unload the clean dishes and set them on the counter so I don't have to have a pile of dirty dishes in the sink . I put them away at my leisure then.

    I buy cards two for a dollar at a local dollar store, I buy them a few months ahead so I don't always have to be running to the store for more when I am not up to it.

    and yes I always need a shopping cart to balance me out. I try not to lean on it like my mil used to. Once I went into a kohls store and no carts, so I had to leave.
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  17. AnneTheresa

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    I store my cleaning supplies in an eye-level cupboard (usually used for food or dishes) rather than the cupboard under the sink. It's a small thing but it's made a huge difference to me. Any modifications that decrease my need to bend are worthwhile to me.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  18. FranWi

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    I rely on my paper plates and platic utensils. So nice to end a meal by throwing everything into the trash. I always leave non-perishables in the trunk of my car when I return from shopping trips until I'm ready to tackle them. I need to look for the laundry tote because hauling laundry down and up four flights of stairs is actually scary when you're not sure-footed to begin with.


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    do you have any ideas for cleaning glass shower doors? I was using Tilex shower but with my liver problems I cannot use it anymore..tired of the soap scum..
  20. zoose

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    I have an ergonomic desk and chair so I can sit comforatably and am not reaching for anything. I went to a web site called office organix and got a split keyboard to get my hands into a more neutral postision for typing. I also purchased a pen mouse from Wacom. These can both be found on line. Mousing can really cause a lot of pain in my right side so I also got a "ring" mouse that is ambidextrous so I can switch off hands particularly if I am just reading web sites. The ring mouse slips over a finger like a ring and you just squeeze your finger closed slightly to click the button on the inside of the ring. When I was really in a lot of pain I used voice recognition software for typing but found it didn't work for the engineering software packages that I use at work. Good for email though. I find that using a software package to prompt me to take a break and stretch every 15 minutes or so helps to reduce the pain as well.

    take care,

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