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    I just returned to full time work 2 months ago and it is not going very well. I thought it would be an easy and kind of boring job, but they are teaching me many things at once and I can't seem to work fast enough.

    The really bad part is that I work weekends by myself or with one other person and end up working 10-12 hour days then. I was off work for a year and a half because of CFS, but worked part-time last year at a different job.

    I work in a production lab, so sometimes it's really busy then other times its slow. Usually Monday its slow when there are 4 people to work. Then on Sat there is a ton of stuff to do and I end up working extra hours. I didn't know when I started that the hours would be like this.

    Today I called my production manager and said I couldn't physically work these hours and could she schedule 8 hours of work per day on the weekends. And she said that's what she tries to do and that she'd talk to me Sat when I get to work. But the other person who works weekends (who has been there 3 years more than the manager) said weekends have usually been very long days.

    Another thing is that the production manager who makes my work schedule only worked in my dept for a few days, so I don't really think she understands how long the tasks take. Anyone have any ideas as to what I should say to her on Sat??

    I did tell her that I was just returning to work full time and was physically exhausted from these hours. I am on SSDI and am really tempted to quit. My fatigue symptoms have come back a couple of times since I started to work there, but it hasn't been as bad as when I couldn't work at all. This job is in my field and there aren't many lab jobs where I live, so I am reluctant to just quit.

    Sorry its so long. But thanks for reading if you did.Tracy
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    that if you continue to work these hours you are training them to think that they can make you continue.

    If I were you, and my job situation is similar which I will explain in a moment, I would explain my limitations to your boss on Saturday and if she then says that you only have to work 8 hours on the weekend, leave after 8 hours and do not be moved to do more.

    If necessary, have your doctor write a note saying that you need to keep regular hours because of your condition. If the hours were not specified when you started and you were led to believe that only 8 hours were necessary and they fire you because of that and you have a doctor's note, you might be able to go to the ADA.

    I am a bookkeeper for a restaurant (actually 2 restaurants) and when I was hired, I was told the hours were 9 - 5 Monday - Friday and that sometimes extra hours might be necessary to get work done.

    I am a very efficient worker (no boasting intended) and can do all I have to do and more in 40 hours a week. However, ever since I started by boss, the owner, has pushed me off and on to work more hours.

    He frequently complains to our consultant saying that he told me the job was 50 hours, which is a lie. I tell her that when she mentions it to me and also that there is nothing that I have to do that does not get done.

    That is not to say that if you looked around, you couldn't find something to do, even if it was just straighten the mess that the manager and servers make in the office or clean something or purge some files, etc. but all the work that is REQUIRED is done and done on time.

    Every now and then he mentions coming in early and I ALWAYS say, Peter, I am often struggling to work my regular hours now (before Cymbalta which is working great for me) and I just cannot tolerate any more hours.

    Then he will say about every other time, "what is wrong with you?" I say, I have fibromyalgia; he says nothing, has never even asked what it is as far as I can remember!

    The plain truth of the matter is that he obcesses about the business and thinks about it even in his sleep and all he wants is for me to be in earlier so that he can call me earlier and more.

    Even the consultant acknowledges that this is true. He calls me on the weekends and after hours on my house and cell phone. I DO NOT answer and DO NOT call back.

    He requires much more of me than bookkeeping and I WILL NOT drive 35 miles one way on a Saturday to unlock the door because the cook forgot his key and the boss live 15 minutes away and I WILL NOT call a supplier on the weekend FROM HOME because they are out of calamari.

    Get my drift? I set the boundries by either ignoring the after hours calls, or repeatedly saying I cannot work more hours than I am. He does not press the issue because he needs me and is happy with what I have accomplished since I have been there.

    When I went to the rhuemy this time, he asked if I was working regular hours and I said yes. I know he would write me a note about my hours if I needed it. Sorry this is so long!!! I hope you get some accommodation.

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