HelpI need advice about external hard drives and storage devices

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    My 1 1/2 year old laptop is maxed out, I hate by a new one, I only have a 60 gig HD and do a lot of videos. I don't like writting in a diary but do a video diary of all the things I do for my family to have when I am gone.

    I looked on Ebay last night and I am confused, brain fog doesn't help either. But I saw the storage devices were cheaper than a hard drive.

    I want to be able to delete everything from my computer and put it on a new hard drive. But also want to access it easily to email pics and such.

    Does any one have either of these or know the difference. Some also said they were not formatted and they would do it for $5, then some were SATA and other where IDE something, can't remember now? But what is the difference?

    Any advice is welcomed- I have so much stuff going on, I am having trouble trying to decipher all this new lingo now-Carla
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    Is there a difference between the external hard drive and storage device? I just went on ebay to see what they average and get info, the hard drive seems to me more than the storage devices and that is where I get confused.

    Thanks for your help, we have Office Max, but use to stop at Staples when I lived in VA. GReat store. Carla
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    Hi Carla,

    I just went through this same thing and ended up buying a My Book Essential Edition (that's the name of the 320 GB external hard drive) from Target. It was $99 which I thought was a lot but some of the pictures and my History Journal are things I don't want to lose. I could have gotten one with fewer GB, but I want to back everything up. I talked to a young guy who really knew his stuff - I don't think the two piercings in his bottom lip interferred with his knowledge...

    He said you plug the (included) cord into the USB port on your computer - I have a desktop but it should work the same - click on the drive in your computer that you want to save, then on each file, click Save To and off you go. The new external hard drive will have entered its own category, just like your C drive has now.

    When you do it, let me know and maybe I'll have the nerve to do mine..............

    Diane, you are so lucky to have your own expert!!


    P.S. I priced them out at Wallys and Kmart and found the prices to be pretty much the same. You could check online now that you know what you need.
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    New 3.5" HD 6 month seller warranty Pre Installed Drive Item number: 180264604440

    Here is the item number of one that is up for bid in one hour at 79.99 and no bids

    Seems really cheap for 500 gig.

    How do i find out what type of hard drive I have? Some of the ext HD are for IDE OR SATA not all work on both- that is where I was confused.

    Marta I looked at that last night at Wally's but don't remember the price, they had several other choices and I didn't write it down.

    So you bought one but have yet to use it??? Is that how I understand it? I know we can get threw this together, I'll hold your hand all the way,lol

    Thanks for your help-Carla
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    NEW Seagate USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Item number: 180263897621

    Check this one out, it is new and is a Buy it Now item and he has 470, good feedback, ect.

    I went outside and got busy and came back in too late to watch the last one go, it went for $91 with 20 bidders.

    Thanks for all your help, I am just frustrated that I even have to buy one, I could have went with a bigger HD when I bought my Dell but held back thinking 60 would be plenty, considering the desk top I had was only 8 gig,lol.

    I wasn't doing video's then, I use my Canon digital with a sd card and can make up to 25 minutes at a time, and they are HUGE. I don't have a DVD burner either, just a player another mistake, oh well hindsite-huh?? Thanks again for your help- Where in PA do you live? I have a daughter that lives in Elizibethtown. Carla

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    I have decided to go to Circuit City, they a My Book 500 gig on sale for $109 from $139. I am not as worried about the speed for backing up, I am retired, I am not going anywhere,lol.

    I agree the other one is a good deal but have issues with people who charge $19.95 for shipping. The other Western was free shipping, but I don't want to wait a week to get one and went on line to CC today and it is in stock and I need to go to the Lowes in the same mall area, so kill 2 birds with one stone.

    I apprecitate all of your and your hubby's help, it did help me understand more about them.

    BTW my digital camera is a Kodak M753, 7.0 MP and was $150, Big Lots had 1 gig SD cards for $8.00, so it is an affordable way to upload to you tube. My problem is I have dial-up and would have to change ISP's to get DSL. I have had my free website threw Earthlink for about 8 years and am in all the search engines so I hate to give that up and redesign my website. I keep hoping earthlink will get to my area one day. So it takes all night to upload a 1 minute or so video..if I don't loose my connection.

    Again, thank you I appreciate it. Carla
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    Glad you got that figured out, Carla. I'll look forward to your help. lol It's not that I'm too worried about doing it, I just need to be more rested.

    Diane, thanks so much for your help and your hubby's. I'm glad I made a good choice.