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    Hi I just found this msg board I'm hoping to speak to other CFS m.e sufferers. I have had m.e since last year after the death of someone close and having 4 viruses one after the other and an incredible amount of stress.

    I spent most of last year in and out of hospitals not knowing what was wrong I couldn't get out of bed and kept collapsing and having these attacks I would call them where my whole body started shaking vigorously and felt like I was dying,

    after being accused of being a hypochondriac by doctors I was found to be having seizures that were brought on by eating anything, light, sounds anything I thought I was going to die as I couldn't eat food they were going to put a food tube down my throat but I didn't want that I dropped to six stone but still tried to eat food BC and suffer the seizures

    over the past eight months I have battled and can now thankfully eat some food but I still feel funny my throat tightens up and I feel like I can't breathe and have to stop, I am also very sensitive to drugs and can't even take paracetemol without getting an attack so I suffer the pain, I also have to sit in the dark luckily I can now watch TV tho,

    but am mostly bed bound I can walk to the toilet and back and go for a bath which is good but don't go out when I do I have to have a wheelchair, I have had no help from anyone doctors are useless they just leave you to rot, my own family also abandoned me and accused me of acting it and putting it on for attention which is so unbelieavbly hurtful I don't speak to them now.

    I believe your body can recover but I feel I am stick I know I need vitamins as I have vit d deficiency but my doctors wouldn't give me anything, I drink vitamin drinks but they're not enough I don't know what to do as I want to eat the right foods at the moment I'm eating salmon spinach olive oil water eggs fish porridge honey every day and want to take all these vitamins such as co 10 d ribose etc etc

    but I'm worried my body will react severely like a seizure if I take them but I know they are what will help me, I don't get the seizures as much thankfully but then I avoid the things that trigger them it really is no life I've been waiting on a physio for eight months and they still haven't given one I try to do light stretching everyday when I can I have improved slightly but not enough,

    I just don't know what to do anymore I feel like its a losing battle and worry terribly that I'm stuck like this on the scrapheap,

    I would appreciate any advice, can you recover from m.e? And how.

    should I take all these vitamins but I don't know what to take and how much I don't have a good doctor for advice,

    Thank you
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