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    I know I am seriously depressed and suffer from anxiety and fibromyalgia realated disorders....etc.

    I have a serious problem being so frightened that it stymies me into doing little to help myself. I am now beginning to think that I am clearly insane and all I would really like to do is to medicate myself and just lay around sleeping with the tv on.

    There is no money, no home , and I am separated by distance from my family, but they all have their own mental and physical illnesses. I have a temporary roof over my head being a hand maiden for an extremely erratic and tempermental man. It is a high price to pay, but I am so stressed that I seem incapable of making any clear choices.

    People are sick of me and I am sick of myself. I just cannot imagine getting lower than I am.

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    ..that you're having such a hard time.

    I think you know already that your only choice is to help yourself.

    I don't know much about your personal situation, but you said you have no money. First you need to apply for public assistance. My state (washington) has a website where you can apply for services without leaving your house. Google your state's name and "public assistance" to try to find the site.

    I would let them know about your physical and mental state.
    My sister in law was on a special assistance program that focused on psychiatric help for her severe depression at one time.

    Another way to get help is to go to the emergency room. Mental issues are taken much more seriously than chronic illness, so I would focus on that. Emergency rooms often have social workers who can help hook you up with services. It's not a foolproof plan-- sometimes you can get swept under the rug in hospitals-- but it's very much worth a try.

    The hardest part is taking that first step to help yourself, but I know you can do it. You need to take care of that depression right now.

    If you're not very computer-literate I'd be happy to look up the sites for you, but you'll have to post where you live-- just the state. I'm leaving town for a couple days in about 3 hours, so do it fast. Or maybe someone else will look it up for you.

    I hope this is helpful-- it's the best I've got. Please remember that your life doesn't have to be this way, even with Fibro or CFS. I'm sending you lots of hugs, and please keep us updated on how you're doing.