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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by whoachief, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. whoachief

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    My husband has been laid off since Feb & only gets $355 a week on unemployment. We can pay for health ins. thru COBRA but it costs $400 a month!!! We can't afford that. I haven't had my meds lyrica, flexeril, lexapro in over a month & I am really suffering!! We applied for public assistance but were told we make "just a little" too much money so we can get NOTHING! We have 5 children and are BARELY making ends meets. I know the stress is not helping me any but was wondering if anyone knew of any other way to help with paying for meds. THANKS FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS!!
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    You might want to apply for some kind of assistance for yourself as a disabled person at the state level. Here in Oregon it is called Disabled and Senior Services. I see your on an antidepressant. you might want to get some help through community mental health. Another option is to contact the drug companies who manufacture the drugs and apply for help.

    The following is from a website--

    Free Medicine is Available
    Because of incentives created by the United States Government, Pharmaceutical Companies have created charitable programs called Patient Assistance Programs. These programs aid low income, uninsured Americans by providing them free prescription drugs with no strings attached. Currently, there are over 270 Patient Assistance Programs offering help with prescriptions to those in need.

    this is the website (there are others)

    just google -- help paying for perscriptions

    hope this helps

  3. rockgor

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    Isn't inflation amazing? When I was a kid the dr. would come to the house, charge $3, and give you
    a prescription that could be filled for $1.79.

    This topic comes up every now and then. Several people have posted that some drug companies will
    give you free meds. Particularly Merck. Don't know what kind of standards they have to determine

    Here's some info that was posted here a couple years ago. Have no idea if these numbers are still

    888 477-2669

    Somebody posted pharmacies located in hospitals charge less. (I would expect them to
    charge more)

    800 864-1140 (Montel Williams?) or

    Search for Prescription Assistance program

    Try Costco. May have lower prices. The law requires pharmacies to
    be available to everyone. You don't need to be a member.

    You could call other govt. offices. If the welfare dept. wouldn't help, maybe the dept of
    mental health, children's welfare, etc. would.

    You could also try churches.

    My brother lives in a village in MN. Twice a month they have an open pantry. Anybody who
    needs help can come and pick up groceries. Apparently it's up to the recipients if they
    are in need. Of course, it's a very small place so the workers there would know if the
    recipient was an executive from AIG, for example.

    You could ask the govt. if you qualify for one of the new bailout programs. So far as I can
    tell these funds are only available to people already filthy rich and/or incompetent. You might
    not qualify.

    Hope you can find something. Good luck.


  4. butterflydream

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    well, i'm not sure about the meds but i did see on the news today that if you were laid off from any job you can fill out forms to get a cobra discount. you would only have to pay
    35% of your cobra costs . i forget how many months you get this discount but it was just recently passed for any laid off workers with cobra insurance.
    You may want to look into some of your local pharmacy's that have the $4.00 generic monthly prescription costs. Some of your meds may not be available generic so maybe a visit to your doc to change your meds to any of the $4.00 prescriptions.
    i am so sorry your facing these hard times too. i've cut back on so much household stuff just to pay utilities. i hope you get some more answers here from someone.
    You're in my Prayers

  5. quanked

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    HERE IS ANOTHER SITE more comprehensive non profit site that has info on all states
  6. Janalynn

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    The new stimulus package means that you will only have to pay 35% of your COBRA bill for nine months (after that 100%), but that is quite a savings. You'd only have to pay $140/month. I understand that's still a lot of money when what's coming in is so little - however, I always do whatever I can to never be without medical insurance. It's on my priority list - especially with kids. It would cost you more if one of the kids had to go to the Dr. for something. You have 60 days to sign up.

    The other danger of not having med ins. is that if something happens to someone in your family while not covered it can be considered a preexisting condition once you do find insurance.
    My brother was financially ruined by not having health insurance - an unexpected medical emergency left them with insurmountable debt and stress.

    This whole national situation SUCKS. (to put it bluntly) We're in the same boat regarding a layoff, so I do understand.

    Do check out the sites listed above for assistance in the meantime.

    My husband's employer didn't have enough employees to offer Cobra, so we had to pay them $500/month for his coverage alone (not even family) - we finally switched to an individual plan for him, but it still costs $170/month and has only major medical coverage and a very high deductible ($7500)

    I hope your husband is able to find a job soon - and a job with benefits would be even better!
    I know that's wat we're hoping for!

  7. Rockismom

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    Now that the stimulus packages have come to be you might contact his HR Director and check to see if you he can file for a 35% discount on your COBRA Health Insurance. Seems I heard this was an option now.

    Good luck and God Bless!

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