helptp injections not working?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by leubie, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. leubie

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    hey yall--i had 12 injections in upper and lower back----------i do not feel any different---------i had the injections monday--------------wouldnt they be working now????????????-i had to call off work today b/c my lower back----------what is next?--------im already taking rx meds(methadone and roxicodone)---------that was working for a while--------about 7 months----------i dont know what to do-----------------im soooo tired of all this----------if anything----i seem to be in a flare since the injections----------im scared my pain doctor is going to get fed up w/ me and not want to see me anymore???---------------help please----------love to all-----laura
  2. Cinlou

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    Hi....I have had trigger point injections before and they did help took a few days to feel better though.

    I have MPS, FM and Degenerative Disc Disease, trying to get a handle and break the pain cycle is the trick..
    I know when the DDD flares up it does not help the FM, and causes the MPS to act I have had cervical epidurals,(for DDD) then TPI for MPS, which helps the FM...I also Elavil, Trazadone, Flexeril and PM doc added Mobic....knock on wood I feel pretty good since adding the Mobic....
    Have you had X-rays?? MRI?? I don't think your pain doc will get fed up with you...after all he should try many different things to help you feel better.
    I sure hope you are finding relief, those TPI's really aren't the most fun things are they?
    Take Care :)
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    Hi, I am new to the injection of trigger points. I was seen in ER a couple of weeks ago when I awoke with severe pain in hip. I tried to tough it oout but finally gave in to inject it. I don't think I can evaluate at this time, but would be interested to hear other's experiences. BUMP