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    Hi everyone, I recently had an lumbar MRI I have a dessicated, buldging disc at L4-L5 with some narrowing but the report also says that there are hemoangiones, I have fibromyalgia, Sjrogens, DDD, cervical and lumbar, cervical osteophytes. I also have been having problems with my right leg and hip so it was x-rayed, and my right side pelvis is slightly tilted any one have this or know what it is or why it hapens. Also does anyone know it hemangiomas have any thing to do with the fibro. I have been alot worse the usual in pain and soreness, If any one has any info I could sure use it.


    angel hugs
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  2. daylight

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    They are small blood clots in your spine probably caused by you DDD.
    I have them because of my spinal stenosis . I also have paraplegia in both arms and legs. They till me that it's not a problem but some how I just don't believe it. I can see how it can make your FM more painful but
    as far as what I've been told that they aren't to concerned.
    Oh I also have severe RA, sjorgen's,Fm. It's sounds like you may have
    nerve compression . Of course the treatment most times for that is physical therapy,pain management .

    Here's a link that may help. I wouldn't be to concerned but keep tabs on it.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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    This I believe was one of the first signs of my fibro, I have an hemangioma right on the tip of my nose (of all places), I had lazer surgery performed at a top doc in NYC and he told me at the time he couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't come back. Well it's here and when I get stressed or flare I look like Rudolph!!! I try my best to cover it with makeup but it still shows.
    I too have trouble with my right leg, that's where it all started, in the left part of my right knee , now six years later it goes around my leg and through my hip .
    I also developed what I thought was a "cyst" on my left hand all around the same time and it grew and the doctors told me to leave it alone unless it gives me any more trouble.
  4. gasolo

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    Hi Sue,

    Hemangiomas are not blood clots but actually are non-cancerious tumors (growths) of blood vessels. They are most common on the skin but can be in any organ. Most are congenital (present at birth) but many are a result of certain diseases and syndromes. Most cause no symptoms but occasionally can bleed or compress a structure.


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