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    Although Hemispherx does not show Lapp & Komaroff on the Board of Directors, they do have a financial interest in Hemispherx. Lapp receives a large fee for each of his patients using Ampligen.

    Sorry I did not check the website more carefully, but was in a hurry to post an answer.

    I will find the correct website & post.

    I have updated my profile. Don't know why it would not break down into paragraphs because I know it is harder to read this way. I tried several times. Does anyone have an answer?

    As you will see from my profile, I have close family (a daughter & SIL) who are physicians; so, I am not opposed to doctors making money. I just feel that some of the fees the "noted" CFS doctors charge are excessive. Also, I think there should be full disclosure on any fee they are receiving from a drug trial.

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    Yes, I totally agree with you that there should be full disclosure about financial interests of people running the trial when signing up for a study. What is difficult for me to comprehend is the "cost recovery" part of the trial where people have to pay for the cost of the Ampligen. This is after all not a proven drug yet and people are taking a risk already by being in the trial. Most drug trials I have heard of do not require people to pay for the medicine.

    Yet another example of no one really funding trials for people with CFS.
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    For some reason, you've got to use the manual way of inserting paragraphs:

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    Don't put the spaces before and after the "p" though. I had to do it that way because otherwise it didn't register on this post.

    CFS patients take a long time to treat properly because we're so annoyingly complicated. I don't think you can do an initial interview in less than an hour, and follow-ups in less than a half-hour.

    Traditional internists see at least 6-10 patients per hour. At an office visit fee of $100, that means they're making up to $500 a half hour to $1000 per a full hour.

    A good CFS doctor should be doing a lot of extra research (talking to other doctors etc.) on his/her own. Some CFS doctors limit the number of patients they see accordingly.

    As an example, I don't think that a doctor who sees a maximum of eight patients a day, spends the rest of his/her time on research, and charges up to $1,000 per hour (or $500 per half-hour) is being excessive. Even for those patients who can't afford to see them, the experience these doctors have hopefully will help other physicians in the near future.

    What do you think is a reasonable amount?

    I agree about the idea that doctors shouldn't accept money from drug companies in order to prescribe drugs. Isn't that illegal????

    I was under the impression that doctors are barely allowed to accept pens and clipboards from drug companies now.

    Best, Lisa

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    That is interesting. It doesn't change my opinion of Dr. Lapp. I did note at the conference in the exhibition area (the Wed afternoon and Thurs that I was there) that no one paid any attention to the Hermispherx Exhibit. They two people "working" it seemed surprised. But maybe that was just my take on it.

    I wonder how many people are going to be able to afford ampligen. I wonder if drug companies will pay the thousands of dollars a year it will take.

    Just wondering.

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    A drug looking for a disease to cure
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    Read the article posted about Ampligen. It is a statement by a woman in the first studies. She was on Ampligen 5 years.

    It totally changes my mind about ampilgen and perhaps Dr. Lapp.


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