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    has anyone had them?I worked in a hospital and had these 3 shots over many months I am sure it was because of this I became unwell I have spoke to many doctors who have just laughed at me but in the uk there s a link between the MMR injection and Autism my friend has two cousins have this and it was proven they won a lot of money,I have also read about nurses faling ill due to this.


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    Hi there

    I work in a hostel so have had the full course and just about to go for a booster. I already had FM and didn't notice any side effects atall from the injections. I figured it was better to have the, than get Hep B on top of everything else.

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    No doubt. HepB vaccination can cause severe CFS. My son has it, he became very when he was 10, now he is 16, but just slightly better. I met a number of other people who became ill after HepB vaccination and even was a member of now defunct internet group of HepB injured people. A number of very prominent doctors examined my son and they all agree that Hep B vaccine does that. You can google Dr. Bell, CFS and Hep B vaccine and look for yourlesf. There is a lot of references on this topic,and internet posts too. Pharmaceutical industry however continues to ruin our children's lives just to maximaize their profits.
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