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    I saw this on another message board and need your
    thoughts on this.

    Hypercoagulation & Heparin A Second Look
    Patricia Kane, Ph.D.

    It has been suggested that the use of heparin will address
    hypercoagulation. Recent data from JAMA1 indicates that the use of
    low dose heparin may transform a `benign fungal infection into a
    toxic shock-like reaction'.

    the rest of the article:

    More on CFS/FMS/MS and Hypercoagulation:

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  2. scubadiver

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    There are a bunch of docs that are looking for natural
    alternatives to heparin and Natto is one of them also
    there is serrapeptase (spellng?) But someone on
    another message board posted a response from Berg asking
    whether these were effective and he gave it them the
    thumbs down
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    for me to understand your post Scuba can u tell me who Berg is?
  4. Mikie

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    Be sure you have hypercoagulation. Get tested. I was concerned about the possibility of hypercoagulation because it goes hand in hand with mycoplasma infections.

    I had a couple of bleeders after returning home from my recent surgery. I had to go back and have my incisions opened up again and by then, the bleeders were hemorraging and had to be cauterized. Fortunately for me, I was high on Vicodin because I was awake for the whole thing. They did give me a couple of local injections when they sewed me back up.

    I had taken great care to eliminate everything which might cause bleeding except the Guai, which I know has slight blood thinning properties. Either I'm a bleeder or the Guai has stronger blood thinning properties than I had thought.

    Just be careful, y'all, when messing around with this stuff.

    Love, Mikie