Hepasuate (Cheney recommendation)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spacee, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. spacee

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    I decided to try it. Need some energy. Don't think it will skew the XMRV test.
    It's an antimalarial drug used by Chinese for 5,000 years.
    Take it Tues, Thurs and Sat.

    get it an hepalin.com

    Not selling it....just trying it. Will let you know.

  2. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    am interested to see how u go.

  3. spacee

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    And for about $10 a month (bottle lasts 5 months).

    It seems to inhibit overexpression of the NF Kappa B which I have seen mentioned
    for years but know nothing about. Still don't understand.

    www.nf-kb.org has a lot of info about nf-kb, most of it I can't understand until
    he lists the things that inhibit nf-kb. They are things we have heard recommended
    for years. NAC, VIT C, folic acid, B- 6, alpha lipoic acid.

    I had kinda guessed Cheney was using it for immune modulation and that does
    seem to be the case. NF-KB has a central role in immulogical processes.

    Ok, but this is part of the excitment for me. I test high to viruses and have
    just started testing higher to lupus/sjogren's. A couple of rx antimalarials
    are used for Lupus. But they can have bad side effects like potential loss of
    sight and toxicity to the body.

    Artesunate/hepasuate in the immune modulation helps that. Also helps to kill cancer cells.

    Drawbacks (and this is per Cheney). Don't use with steroidal creams or metrogel
    creams on the skin might cause candida on skin. Cheney is talking about a colleague
    who had a patient report exacerbation of pre-existing skin lesions while on it.

    Ok, will let you know how I feel this works.

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  4. simonedb

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    Did I tell you spacee I bought some of that, the type Cheney recs, last year. I experiment with it once in the while but due to my mcs its hard for me to tolerate. If its herx and not just mcs than that happens to me, but I am sort of in my own league even for cfs when it comes to not tolerating stuff. Maybe if i could take off work, take off life for a year and just go thru all the flareups stuff like it and valtrex and wormwood too do to me I would get thru it and start to feel better, whenever I try those three things i feel worse while doing it but better afterwards, better than before. Will be curious for you, good luck!

    oh also how did you test for the higher viral load and the sjorgens, what tests showed you that?[This Message was Edited on 09/01/2010]
  5. spacee

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    Try a search at the top with Mikie then it should bring up several posts. Look for
    the last one Wishnonastar 11/07. That should give you a bit of info on Mikie's
    pulsing with AV and TF's. Just a bit, not the whole thing.

    The MCS is really a big problem. Just throwing out things I have read over the years.
    Could you be allergic to something in your home? A few have left everything they owned
    to get better. Just walked out the door, bought new clothes, etc. I think it was mold
    in their homes. Slayadragon did that. Cort Johnson and ErickMoldWarrior also, I think.

    The tests. I just asked my doc to run them: EBV, HHV6. Later an ANA which showed
    the Sjogrens and or Lupus. Which is why this hepasuate is looking good to me.

    Took one last nite. Feels like 'something' is going on. Like a fight in my lymph nodes.
    At dawn's early light, don't feel this is going to be a 'quick fix' by any means.

    It took months for the TF's to get up to a good place. So, I guess I can plan on staying

    If you feel stronger after the pulse, to Mikie that was a great sign. But it may have
    taken her 3 years to work through doxy (mycos) famvir (viruses) and TF's to retrain
    her immune system.

    So, very sorry that it takes that long to work through some of this. I was just reading
    about doxy and RA and it said to expect a year of treatment to feel better.

    Hope that makes some sense. My brain feels very foggy.
  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Good luck, spacee!


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