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    Minister hears hepatitis B fears

    A former binman and a police forensics worker who claim a vaccination against hepatitis B ruined their health have put their case to a health minister.

    Steven Harrison, from Brighton, and Sophie Howard, from Rochester in Kent, had to quit their jobs after the jab.

    On Wednesday, they told Jane Kennedy at the Department of Health they and 400 other sufferers want compensation.

    The DoH said it sympathised with their concerns but stressed that the vaccine had an excellent safety record.

    Mr Harrison was given the hepatitis B vaccination after a drug user's needle pierced him while he was working as a binman.

    Highly infectious
    He said that within days his body was swollen and he was racked with pain. He now has to take 15 pills a day to counteract the effects.

    "I have two sons - one aged 25 and one 20. I was 50 years old and I could outrun them, now I am lucky if I can walk properly," he said.

    Hepatitis B is a virus which attacks the liver and is transmitted through the blood.

    Chronic carriers have an increased risk of developing cancer.

    Ms Howard had three injections to protect her in her work with Kent Police, which involved taking fingerprints and attending crime scenes.

    A few days after the third jab, eight years ago, she felt freezing cold, had lost her appetite and was unable to walk.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome was later diagnosed and she had to leave her job as she was continually off sick from work.
    She now works for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

    Ms Howard had no idea other people claimed they were affected by the vaccine until Mr Harrison's case was featured on BBC South East Today in February.
    'Utmost confidence'

    Mr Harrison and Ms Howard have the backing of their MPs Des Turner and Bob Marshall-Andrews and met Ms Kennedy with six other members of a support group.

    They are campaigning for an inquiry into the vaccine's effects and want it to be added to those listed under the DoH's damage payment scheme.

    Drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline said: "We have the utmost confidence in the vaccine. Medical experts have provided independent validation on its safety."

    Another maker, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, said: "The vaccine is widely used around the world and has been proved to be safe."

    Following Wednesday's meeting, the DoH said the vaccine was under an ongoing review, but it stressed that the pharmaceutical companies and the NHS had the utmost confidence in it.

    It said if new evidence relating to safety emerged, regulatory action would be taken.

    Story from BBC NEWS:
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    I wonder which hepatitis vaccine was I given when I was doing volunteer work at UCLA Med Center? I know I was given one of them. Think it was a series of three and that I only had two for some reason...like I was too lazy to get the third.
  3. dancingstar

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    ...I've been exposed to, feeling this bad seems almost inevitable.

    Thanks, Tansy, as always! This is so discouraging.
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    morningsonshine New Member

    Cheer up DancingStar! Maybe we should go back to horse talk? My hubby is a deputy and had to get the 3 hep. shots, i didn't want him too.
  5. tansy

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    one of the documented triggers for ME/CFS, HeP B is the most commonly reported. As you can see in these cases symptoms occurred shortly after the vaccines; this makes the correlation clearer.

    As a child a series of vaccines, needed because we were living overseas, triggered problems for me; but there were other factors that contributed too like being exposed to more and different pathogens and toxins. Acute onset ME/CFS did not occur until 18 years later and there were other identifiable factors involved.

    My now adult son reacted to vaccines when he was young but did not have an ME/CFS like illness for many years after those reactions. Needless to say we both avoid them now.

    Immune dysfunction is a feature of these DDs and vaccines trigger an immune response. Mercury, and other potentially toxic preservatives, have been used in vaccines, hence MMRs being suspected in autism; mercury was used as the preservative in the triple vaccines.

    Having a better understanding of what contributed to my illness and why, helped me make better informed Tx choices, and that is paying off for me now. Part of that has been the use of immune modulators. Whenever tested I have had the same skewed CD4-CD8 ratios picked up in Gr Gow's and Dr Kerr's gene expression research (CFS) no matter what my lymphocyte numbers were. IS wise I am doing a lot better now.

    So I guess what I am trying to say here is don't panic; the more you know and understand the greater the odds are of finding more effective Tx whether self Rx or Rx by a Dr who knows how to treat the problems we have.

    love, Tansy
  6. dancingstar

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    I had been planning on doing volunteer work at UCLA Med Center and had to have a series of vaccines. That was about three months after I had begun to take Effexor for a back injury, something that I never should have done in the first place.

    In the same period of time I became very, very, very, tired, so tired that I couldn't get up and down my stairs at home; and my back pain changed into diffuse pain throughout my body, mostly in my hips and shoulders as well as my throat; so I postponed my plans to do volunteer work.

    I had applied for private disability under my own policy, and the rotten family practice doc I was seeing at that time apparently thought I was making it up and told my private disability company that he felt I shouldn't be on disability even though he had been prescribing Oxycontin for me at that time, though I adamantly wanted to take anything else...and ultimately stopped taking it on my own, cold turkey. He made me look like a druggie all by himself. I have recently found out that the doctor has since had his medical license revoked.

    I became too sick to continue on with my plans to do volunteer work and was never able to completely figure out why I became so ill. Everything was all too confusing.

    I never even considered the idea that a vaccine added into the mix could have compounded the problem and appreciate the information.

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    this is absolutely true. Hep B vaccine left my then 10 yo son completely disabled; he is one of the sickest kids that cfs physicians ever saw.

    He is not alone. There are scores of people in the USA that developed cfs after recombinant cfs vaccine. The industry's responce is that it can't be because there is a good safety record, and the good safety record exists because they refuse to admit their vaccine causes adverse events!

    Post vaccination surveiliance was only 4-10 days long before they released hep b vaccine for the whole world to use. Vaccine never had been proven to be safe and never had been tested for the long term adverse events (developing from weeks to months).

    Unfortunately, our family found ourselves in this situation. To prove complications after the vaccine places burden on the disabled cfs patients to come against gigantic pharmaceutical companies, like Merk and Glaxo. Of cource drug companies fight fiercly, trying to nip in the bud every allegation of the adverse effect. Their studies are terribly flawed and biased, they hire paid experts, physicians who will for the money testify in courts for anyhting, call the patient lazy crazy malingerer,so as long as drug companies can pay, they will continue buying their right to maim our children for their profit.
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    As Tansy says above, vaccines can be the trigger for us, and I know the flu shot I got last year,absolutely contributed to my ending up with CFS. No doubt. However, the more you know, the better you can manage your Tx. Marie
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    I have submited evidence to Dr Ian Gibson MP for his forthcoming Inquiry to review research into ME/CFS. One issue I have raised is the link with vaccines, including reference to Dr Charles Shepherd's study on which specific vaccines can trigger ME/CFS.

    Since my son and I have had problems whenever we had those identified on Dr Shepherd's list, I felt I was in a good position to press for further research into vaccine related illnesses and it's link with some cases of ME/CFS and GSW/I.

    In order to understand what was making and keeping me ill I had to look into genetic factors; in my son's case, and my own, I am now better able to understand why our decisions to avoid vaccines in the future were the right ones for us.

    What has come to light generally has enabled me to adapt what I am doing accordingly; it was not just one genetic factor but an unfortunate combination of several. None of these factors are unusual in these DDs and the other illnesses the psychologisers have laid claim to and insist are functional somatic disorders/psychosomatic.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 12/20/2005]
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    this is very interesting and we in the US doing similar thing. If you want to talk to me directly, you know where to find me, just read my reply to White's paper in BMJournal, so then you know whom to email. I would like to compare notes!

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