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    Feeling angry w/ myself for not listening to my instincts. I got the first hep b vaccine series (there are 3) BEFORE researching it on the Web. My dr. assured me it is safe because it is not a live vaccine. The research says otherwise. I am not going to get the second one. I don't care if I am refused work because of it. I will hve to decide if it comes to that later. But right now it seems more harmful than truly needed. any thoughts or experiences?
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    I'm an RN, so I'm probably a little prejadiced when
    it comes to vaccines, but I'll give you my honest opinion. I recieved my Hep B series in 1991. At that time I had no side effects, and I truely don't believe it has anything to do with my fibro,diagnosed 1 year ago, than ant other med or vaccine I've had in my lifetime. Children are vaccinated for this routinely with their infant series and have been since 1993. I'm not sure what you've read on the internet, but depending on what your job is, if you have contact with bodily fluids, you have more of a risk frome complications from hepB, than you do the vaccine.

    Thats just my opinion. If your uncomfortable, you can research some more, because you would'nt have to start all over again, you would just continue with the series. Hope this helps and good luck. Lori.
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    My daughter is an RN and she, too, feels the same. My doctor doesn't feel there is any danger either. It's all the scary stuff I am reading. It will limit where I can do my externship in medical assisting if I don't finish the series.
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    It can live outside the body for 72 hours. The AIDS virus can only live a few seconds. This is what makes Hepatitis such a problem when working around boidly fluids.

    Personally, I think nursing is a very hazardous profession. In one study of a CFIDS outbreak, fifty percent of the infected were nurses and another ten percent were working in the medical arena.

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    Is there a newer Hep B vaccine that does not contain thermisol(sp?)as a perservative, and would it be the preferred vaccine?

    FYI I spoke w/an investigator from my state's board of pharmacy-re. Hep B vaccine. I'm not sure about what happens in other states, but I live in the Northeast, and, apparently, there were mandatory temp. gauges placed in shipping components of Hep B vaccine shipments.

    Temp gauges registered below freezing temps at some point in the shipping and wharehousing system. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Hep B vaccines were leveraged by the pharmacy board-the pharmco was foreced to replace all of it,apparently, the pharmaco was very cooperative, and replaced all of the lot. In this case the all of the variables were well monitored, and thanks to the diligence of a state investigator, the system worked, but it really makes you think, doesn't it?

    Dr. Ronald Glaser, PhD Ohio State vaccine research
    The other thing thta you might want to look at re. vaccines is reseacrh from Dr. Ronald Glaser, PhD from Ohio State. I attended a brief psych lecture given by him and his wife recently, and his research has shown that vaccines given during high stress periods are not as effective, and that in some patients, giving vaccines during periods of high stress causes increases in some Herpes viral titers. You might want to check out his work...
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    I appreciate it...............
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    NVIC UNDER GOOGLE SEARCH.Pretty scary stuff. Anything you want to know about any type of vaccinnation is there. SCARY!!
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    vaccinations..........I've done my research. I used to be a health care professional and I'm still against them. The only time I might consider a vaccination is if there was a terrible epedimic of some sort..........or if I was in a situation where I was at high risk for blood contamination........but even then I would be hesitant. With CFS there isn't anyway I'll ever get another vaccination or flu shot.....EVER!

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    My husband has hep b , we're not sure where or how he got it, my 6 children have all been vacinated against it, with no side affects for any of them. FYI hep b can live outside of the body for 72 hours, it is 100 times more contagious than aids, and is FULLY preventable. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only contractable through sexual relations or sharing needles. It is not necessary to come in contact with infected blood, as I said before the virus can live out of the body for 3 days. So if you should still decide that you don't want the vaccination, please let it be an informed decision .One last piece of information, 90% of people who do come in contact with the virus manage to clear it out of their body, sometimes not even being aware of the fact that they even had it.It can be a mild as a bad cold or the flu,(which was so in my case) but for the other 10% the prognosis is not so good. You must choose if you want to take the chance of being in that 10%.

    Whatever you do decide I wish you health,

    All the best ,

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    i really feel as if that damn vaccine put me in the position im in today.

    when i was 15, i was extremely healthy and was active in all sports.

    i got the hep. b vaccine when i was 15 and that was the same year the (numerous) symptoms started. ever since ive been feeling really bad ive been doing a lot of research and have a web site of proof of how bad the vaccine can be. If you want just make a post and let me know. I feel that no vaccine is 100% safe now, only antibiotics. But that's me.
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    Before you embark in any further hep. b vaccinations please do a little research on nerve demyelinization due to melecular mimmicry of the hepatitis b antigen used in this vaccination.
    i truly believe that my problems have come from the vaccination that i recieved in 1997. before recieving this vaccination, i was a very healthy and active within 6 months after the vaccination i began to have symptoms that range from cfs, ms, lupus type syndromes. i have since been given the diagnosis of fibro.
    i believe that if you blindly follow the advise of mainstream medicine without taking into account the numerouse unfounded reports from those who tie the virus in with there condition, you are doing yourself an injustice.
    you must also consider the risk ratio of catching hepatitis b against the risk of recieving the vaccine. how much risk are you of catching hep.b ?
    the vast majority of those who go on to have the vaccination have no problem, but a few will.
    I was in a group of 30 policemen to recieve the vaccination. nobody but me has come down with anything. But I am sure it is what did me in.
    One hypothosis behind what happens is that the genetic material used in the recominant hep. b vaccine so closly resembles the genetic material of the nerve myelin sheath that when the body starts to attack and build immunity to the hep.b virus it also attacks and builds immunity to your own nervous system.
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    that last sentence scares the crap outtah me.. doesnt that mean that your body cant even recognize what is wrong. if it cant recognize what is wrong, how can it fix the problem?

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    This is very interesting. I had the hep. series when I was a nurse. I've had CFS for 7 yrs and guess what one of the tests showed. That I had myelin antibodies. I'm not surprised as one my symptoms is a light numbness that covers my body. So somehting defintely started damaging my myelin sheath.

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    was wondering, did your cfs start before recieving the vaccination or after. would also be curious of your other symptoms if cfs reared its ugly head afterwoords
  15. ERICK33

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    this is only one hypothosis. but it makes sense in what seems to be going on with me. in a nutshell your immune system thinks that the myelin sheath around your nerves is a foreign invader. what you get is autoimmunity to the nerve.
    ounce again, from the information I have obtained this has not been proven but suspected by some.
    I would not want to persuade anyone at risk of hep.b not to get the vaccine.I just advise you to do your homework and make an informed decision. and to go a little further than what is in the mainstream medical media.
    my guess is that the only way to combat this at this time would be either attempt to supply your body with what it needs to rebuild myelin or weaken your immune responce with cortico steroids. i suspect detoxing the body may help a little also.
    anybody else with a comment, please respond.