Her husband is driving her nuts...

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    Grab the laughs and humor when we can...I told my
    friend she should do her skit at a comedy club...I was
    belly laughing the other day at bridge.

    My friend and her husband both in early and late 80's..
    have a very lovely large house overlooking the massive
    pacific...they did the calif real estate deals over many

    They have 6 tv's in their house including kitchen and
    garage...and she said probably 18 remote controls...

    Her husband is forever changing cable companies,
    from local cable to dish to direct and now back to
    local...when things go not to his liking he changes
    cable companies.....she said cable people are forever
    at their house....

    And she says she hardly watches TV, it's his thing...

    I woke up laughing about her skit.
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    OMG.. I must have been tricked into signing... A cute husband and wife story(obviously not mine).
    A couple stayed home every night for years.
    The wife decided to go out with friends
    Her husband had no problem with that
    And when she was with friends she said
    She didn't trust him. He was too nice.
    She came home and went to their bedroom
    Where she saw two men's legs and two females
    Sticking out from the covers. She was enraged and
    Took a bat out from the closet, beat them silly.
    She went downstairs to get a drink where her
    Husband looked up from reading. He told her her
    Parents arrived 2 days early and he told them to
    Sleep in their bed, since they could stay downstairs.
    She called the friend she confided in and told her the
    Story. Sometimes we do, in fact have to trust our men.
    They say laughter is the best medicine.
    A slap happy, sleep deprived, silly Sherri