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    Clinical Study Tests Herbal Protocol for Effectiveness in Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease;

    Successful Protocol Interests Doctors and Lyme Patients Seeking Alternatives to Antibiotics

    Clinical trial underway to test effectiveness of specific herbal protocol in the treatment of Lyme Disease. Herbs under scrutiny are Samento, Cumanda and Burbur.

    Lyme-literate physicians and study director discuss the protocol's success. Study interests doctors and Lyme patients seeking successful alternatives to the use of orthodox antibiotics.

    ASHEVILLE, NC (PRWEB) March 19, 2007 -- A year-long clinical study is underway to test the effectiveness of an herbal protocol in the treatment of Chronic Lyme disease.

    Samento, Cumanda and Burbur are under scrutiny, herbs that have long been used in South America in the treatment of malaria and other serious diseases. Study results are encouraging to Lyme experts and patients seeking safe alternatives to conventional medicine.

    According to the study director, pharmacist Philip Kielman of the Netherlands, the 12 week preliminary report shows a 65% reduction in symptoms in the treatment group, and a 20% reduction in symptoms in the placebo group.

    "I think that's great," says Kielman, noting that conventional pharmaceutical drugs are often approved with a treatment group success rate of only thirty percent.

    Physician and medical researcher Wm. Lee Cowden uses Samento to treat patients diagnosed with Lyme disease, and has refined his protocol by adding Cumanda, Burbur and other herbs.

    Dr. Cowden says the herbs used in his protocol are available through Nutramedix, which imports them directly from Peru to the US and the UK. Jean Reist, RN, of Pennsylvania, recommends that her patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme use Burbur to encourage lymph drainage, which, she explains, is "critical for healing from Lyme disease."

    Dr Andrew Wright of the UK, has used Samento to treat over 500 patients diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease. "Samento is safe and well-tolerated in most patients," he says.

    For additional information about the use of herbal protocols in the treatment of Lyme disease, visit http://www.lyme-disease-research-database.com/lyme_disease_research_press.html. Access to up-to-date news from experts on Lyme disease is available immediately.

    About LDRD (http://www.lyme-disease-research-database.com): LDRD offers two tiers of service. 1) Free basic information about the disease for visitors to the web site, 2) Membership to the website. Members gain access to Conversations with Experts, a unique audio interview series in which Lyme disease experts discuss all aspects of the illness, including diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Private health and wellness advocates have been gathering information on conventional and integrative approaches to heal from Lyme disease since 2005.

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    Thank you! I may go this route depending on how I do with the abx. I can't wait to see the results after a year. The 12 week report sure looks promising.

    I know that there are still herxing and that's it's still not an easy road with the herbals, but I believe it would eleviate the candida issue. I've read that cumanda is actually and antifungal as well.

    Thanks for posting!!
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    For future reference
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    Thank you... :)
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    HI There.

    Thanks for the post!

    I've been taking Samento and Cumanda (tried Burber as well) for over 4 months now. I retested by Western Blot for Lyme after taking Samento and Cumanda for 3 months and the test came back NEGATIVE!

    Originally I tested + for Lyme both by CDC and Igenex standards.

    But aside from that, I didn't feel too much of a difference in how I felt. I'm not feeling too bad anyways, but still not major differences, except I noticed that I didn't get colds or sick when I was taking the herbs.

    Victoia, please keep us posted with updates. Where can we go to get more info on the study?

    Thanks hon and hope all is well with you and by the way, how's your son doing? Still doing the HBO?

    I've been doing something new lately.. it's called "Laser Detox" another thing Dr. Cowden recommends. So far I've had 4 treatments, not sure if it's working but the Doc that does it swears by it. Have you heard anything about it?

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    This article was from one of the yahoo lists about Lyme that I subscribe to, well worth it as they will pick up anything to do with Lyme.

    So I'm sure if there are updates, they will post it...

    Glad you're doing better. My son is doing better, bit by bit; yes he's still doing the HBO, pulsing with abx... the neuro symptoms have been the hardest to clear tho.

    all the best,

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    I do the LED and think they are helpful along with the herbs. No total remission yet, but somewhat helpful!

    Who is your treating physician?

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    My son's llmd just started him on this protocol. He also added parsley. Cumanda is powerful. You have to start off slowly.It is to early to tell if it is helping.
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  9. victoria

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    I'm bumping this as ProHealth has included info about this study in their newsletter this week. YAY!


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  10. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    You are alway so infomative and i realy appreciate your help.
    My questeion about the doseges of these and do you know if cats claw is incluuded in these.

    I had bought some cats claw 100 0/0 Toa free on yur suggestion once but havent taken it as yet. Actually I had forgotten what it was for.

    Since the lyme set in my memory is shot.It gets to be prety scray sometimes.Ive had a severe neuological effect.
    and the exhaustion is wicked.I thought FM/CFid was bad before but there is nothing that compares to the way I feel now.

    I literaly feel as if Im beng eaten away. I am down to 90 lbs.. I would say85 0/0of the time I amhaving a day that im basicly bedridden. It took me till noon today to brush my teeth,then wow! I tok a shower at 2oclock.Thats my day nd Im back in bed desperately trying to type this out which is so frustrating because I have to make corrections on every other word.

    Victoria do you know if urinary or bladder issues are a part of lyme.Actualy I tested posative for several differant tick boarn illnesss. But I had never had a urinary or bladder infecton problem and now it seems chronic. I had a CAT scan yesterday to see whats going on. Havent heard anything yet. I just thought you would know if it were related to tick bourn illneses in anyway?

    My daughter was bitten by a tick last week and came down with all the symtoms,very bad headdache, flu like symtoms,fatigue,really red sore throut with swollen glands.
    I took her to the pediatrician ad he diagnosed her on her symptoms and just gave her amoxycillin.I hope shes going to be okay. She has a strong immune system. Thats what I keep telling her wit lots of hugs. Shes afraid she is going to end up like me.

    Thanks so much for all the great info you post. I try to read every day but Im sorry I can post as it takes too much out of me at this point. I wish I could because I am so isolated.
    I hope your son continues to fel better.

    Blessings ~ Sally
  11. lagf

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    We have done this for one year for an advanced case. it is very helpful to help body rid itself of biotoxin....which is difficult when you are very sick. It is beneficial.
    we have gone to installation of infrared sauna which helps achieve same thing. Our doctor works with Dr. cowden who reccommended AFTER I asked....as well as rife equipment AFTER I asked. They cannot reccommend unless you ask for information. These things are working for my daughter.
  12. victoria

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    I'm sorry, I really don't know enough about the herbal protocol as my son is doing oral abx and hyperbaric oxygen. I may or may not have lyme +/- (haven't spent the $$ to be tested), but at any rate I'm doing the Marshall Protocol which is working for me.

    Have you gotten ahold of Steven Buehner's book about the herbal treatment of Lyme? Also there are others here who are doing it... will see if I can find them and post their names here for you.

    It appears Lyme can affect any system in the body, wherever one is probably just genetically weaker &/or had previous damage from infections. There's an abstract I reprinted below from PubMed about cardiac and urinary problems as a result of Lyme.

    I'm sorry, I wish I could give you advice, but it is out of my league. One of the places you might check, besides others' posts here about what is working for them herbally, are the non-profit lyme sites like ilads.org, lda.org, and also check out their links. Perhaps your daughter could helps do some research for you. BTW, I hope her MD has given her at least 28 days of the abx.

    I excerpted parts of this abstract:
    J Clin Microbiol. 1991 May; 29(5): 894–896.

    Persistent cardiac and urinary tract infections with Borrelia burgdorferi in experimentally infected Syrian hamsters.

    J L Goodman, P Jurkovich, C Kodner, and R C Johnson
    Dept of Med, Uof Minn School of Med, Minneapolis 55455.

    The heart can be severely affected in humans with Lyme disease, causing conduction defects and, rarely, heart failure. Although immunodeficient and young mice may develop cardiac lesions, cultivation of Borrelia burgdorferi from cardiac tissues of experimentally infected animals has not been reported previously.

    We (infected the hamsters). . . found a marked tropism of the spirochete for myocardial and urinary tract tissues.

    56 of 57 hearts (98%) and 52 of 58 bladders (90%) were culture positive.

    The cardiac infection was persistent and could be documented in 21 of 22 hearts (96%) cultured from days 28 to 84 postinfection.

    he urinary tract was also a site of persistent infection in most animals, with 18 of 23 bladders (78%) being culture positive from days 28 to 84.

    The persistence of spirochetes was specific for the heart and bladder, as indicated by negative cultures of specimens from the liver and spleen, in which only 1 of 23 cultures was positive from days 28 to 84.
    Well it is hamsters, but they do start with animal that are similar enough to us to do studies...

    some of the names of people here who are using the herbal protocols like samento are kimba4318, bunnyfluff, and mollystwin.

    Hope this helps and that some of the posters here can give you some first-hand experiences...

    Did you ever find a doctor to treat you that is sympathetic? Sounds like you have? I'm praying that you have...

    all the best,

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    Hi there. I used samento for a month before I was officially diagnosed. Once I got my diagnosis my doctor put me on abx. I was up to about 10 drops of samento twice a day and began having major herxes. This is powerful stuff! The suggested dose was 20 drops 2 times a day.

    Everyone is different and my doctor tells me some people can't even tolerate one drop a day! So dosages would vary by individual.

    I hope that you get some relief from your symptoms soon. And I hope your daughter does as well. It sounds like you caught your daughter's right away which is very good! It won't have a chance to settle in her body because the abx should take care of it.

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