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    I went to my migraine specialist the other day and we got to talking about all the nutrients that can help fibro patients. She told me that she puts her patients on herbalife, formula one because its a high protein drink and if you want to loose some weight on it you can do that also. Since she has put herself and her patients on this, her fibro patients have seen great improvements. With this drink you get all the nutrients and other things you need without going out to buy them individually. I'm going to try it.

    Has anyone else here every tried it and if so what did it do for you?????. I also need to loose the extra 25lbs that I have acquired in the last 5 months. It is low in carbs and that will really help me plus she states that it will fill you up and take away your cravings for sweets.

    But I would like to know if anyone has every tried it and what kind of side effects did you have if you had any at all.
    Gently hugs and Happy mother's day to all mothers on this board.
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    I used Herbalife for six or seven years and had no side effects. It seemed to give me more energy. I only quit because when I retired it became too expensive.