Here I go again!!!

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    WHEN I wrote this I hadn't been diagnoesed yet, I was just depressed about getting old.LOL
    Monday, March 17, 2008

    Subject: Aging
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    And so it shall be.

    We all have to go through it, aging that is, but most people just don’t have the common sense of of keeping quiet when then don’t have a clue what to say. Most of you know what I mean, and I think even though this is usuallly considered as a women's issue, men deal with it too. Just for the fun of it I figure I’d put it out there to get it out of my mind for a little while. The person you see in the little picture up there (sorry Ihaven't figured out how to put the pic here fit into a size 8 just a year ago. Post menopause catches up with you in funny ways. I feel 30, sometimes 19, whatever the mood is but that darn weight just doesn’t want to say goodbye. It has comfortably settled itself in my otherwise small frame (i’m 5’2") and has decided to stay. Mind you I don’t eat fast food, I very rarely think of eating a hamburger, they’re not my growing up meal habits I was born and raised in Europe, so not eating burgers and fries is not a big deal. A couple of years ago I coud shed the pounds just like that! And now? Well you see the results, mind you I don’t exercise much due to a bad back (excuse yeah I know I used to be able to pick up a pack of matcheswith my mouth between my feet while doing a full backward bend, and that wasn’t to long ago, now, I am always tired start a magic pill; no instant result, start a Jack Lane juicing fast, I am still working on that, turned fifty and I now I look alright, but I really have a problem with people either asking (the ones that haven’t seen me for a while or see pictures of just a couple of months ago) what happened to you? You were so beautiful! Or the other kind the ones that tell you ":you’re 53 you don’t look that old!) How old I am supposed to look?

    The other pleasent thing in my life is that I barely have any hair on my legs to shave constantly, which leaves more time to concentrate on the black and grey mustache and chin hair I am now a proud owner of. Whoulda thunk it? LOL

    I’ve tried almost every color to cover my vast and very noticeably approaching grey hair and every two weeks I swear, it feels like my hair grew two inches and there it comes again, My basic color was jet black now it’s a color mocha you know like the girl in vida loca, yes if I get out in the sun for a little while I turn mocha too, but then I’ll have to worry about skin cancer, sun wrinkles, uv rays. So I go to a Florida weeing last week lookin like a vanilla milk shake. Good thing I have pretty hazel eyes, and lashes and stilll pretty nice dark eybrows (not as full as they used to be). But the rest of me is falling appart. I love to dance and I know I can dance very well but the next day, I feell like I have been mugged. And then as you can see I am well endowed not by choice by genetics and what a pain in the back that is. For the life of me I don’t know why someone would pay thousands of dollars to get those things. If I could afford it and had the courage to go under the knife I would get a nice breast lift, and reduced them 50%. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thanks for reading. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR

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    LOVE IT... love your very candid account..of life, of aging..of all of it!
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    I dont see a pic.


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