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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 24, 2006.

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    AS I sit here watching my T.V. My legs are aching from my hips , thighs and on to my toes. They hurt more each night it seems. I don't know as to the cause of my pain only that it is driving me insane. LOL.

    AS I was having a emotional out break of tears , screaming and just plain losing it. I suddenly felt my muscles start to jump . And while it was not adding to my pain it was and is still annoying.

    I still can feel each muscle group jumping and my legs , thighs are still acheing and this is getting on my nerve's. It is not just my legs that ache my knee's have joined in to the group as has my wrist and joints .
    They must think there is a party here in my body , while I am thrashing around in pain and limping as I can't walk so well.
    I don't know why I have these nightly pains in my legs but I can tell you it has reached my last nerve { that is not true as there are more nerves so in my body than I can count.
    And who knows when you have reached that last nerve but they are standing on some nerves and it is really painfull}.

    LIke I said I don't have a clue as to why I have the leg aches each night or they get worse at night. And I am in tears because of this horriable pain they are causing me. And what should I do? YOur guess is as good as mine.
    I do have a doctors appointment on wed. And I am writing down all the problems that I have gone thru in the past month.

    Like I have noticed that I have vertical ridges in my fingernails. I always have a dry hacking cough that is non productive. Legs that cramp each day and getting worse during the evening. I am getting headaches more and more but I think that is due to the heat we have had this past few weeks.

    I have a really BIg bruise on my arm just above my wrist that I broke , I think i got it one night when I lost my balance and in order to not fall I caught my self but I hit my arm on the bathtub and now this bruise has a hard white knot in the middle of it and it is still purple around it and it is about the size of a silver dollar.

    You know as I have to live with these condititions that cause me so much pain I wish that I could understand more about the reasons as to why some days the pain is less and other days It is so bad that I could use a morphine pump and I don't think it would ease all of my pain.. I need to find ways to ease the pain and find ways and foods that will taste good as well as have a lot of fiber that will help with what the MScontin does to me. It is all I need is stomache cramps to add to my situatation.

    I want to have a life again one that is not filled with aches and pains. I am so tired of it all, why does this have to cause so much pain I have been wondering during the times when the pain is so bad.

    With having so many differnt problems like degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, facect syndrome, buldging discs L4-L5, L5 & S1 , and add to the list is the fibro, , MPS,ASthma, arthitis in both knees and left wrist. I am just falling apart . I hit my early 20's and that is when I started to go down hill. Up to that point I had only had broken arms but nothing that ended me in the hospital for a few days. But by the time I was 20 I had to have my tonsils out and that was not a nice thing to do to me. ASking me if I would like a popcicle for my breakfast and to me the thought of just swollowing was so painfull and I didn't get to eat the popcycle as the nurse had given me a shot to ease the pain I had to spend 2 days in the hospital back then.

    As soon as I got home I got really sick , with a high fever nasua and dirreaha .I ended up back in the hospital with antibitoic induced colitis. Dduring my stay there I had 4or 5 units of blood as I was losing is from somewhere but I don't remember what the cause was.

    All I know what that it was a wonderfull way of losing weight I went from 145 to 118 in just 4 days. And every time I thought of eating for a couple of years I would feel sick adn not want to eat, .

    I thought it was great as I had not weighed 118 since I was in my early teens. And when I found out that I was expecting my first child I still weighed about 123 and that was great for some ome who is 21 years old and six months after I had my daughter I was at the pre preganacy wieght.

    I sometimes wonder if my hemmoraging with my daughter added to the problems that I have now. I don't know that answer.

    I also wonder if my being sick right after having my tonsils out at the ripe old age of 20 and then got so sick had something to do with this fibro, I know that the back problems were started when I had my duaghter as she broke my tail bone during delivery and that was the start of my back pain and having a 8 lbs 6 oz baby girl.

    It does wonders to the back. I Love my girls but having them was really hard on my back but I didn't really know it at that time in my life.

    So what does all this past stuff have to do with my legs aching I don't know.. I just remember that my health was pretty good before kids. And it has gone down hill sicne then.
    So could all the problems I had in my twenties have caused me to have fibro, MPS, and all the back pain.
    I don't really know but it does make me wonder how much of the past has effected how I feel today. It is courious to me.

    Questioning my past medical history.
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  2. Cromwell

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    I would ask if you are using calcium and vitamin D to help the achey legs?

    Also you could be sitting in a certain way that triggers it. Sopunds mad but this can happen.

    Trigger release therapy is good.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    I had a hard time with my legs and toes doctor did blood work and they find out I was anemia once I started the iron and B's my legs stopped hurting. Calium can do this too I was it a lot with kids on diaylsis, Sharon
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    Rosemarie you started out sounding just like me. I too am so tired of waking up in pain and going to sleep in pain. I also have an appointment with my doctor on wed.

    With my legs it is a burning pain with shooting pains sometimes. It started in the left leg but has decided that the right leg should join it. It starts at my ankles but the pain is mostly in my thigh and it is the front, side and the on to the left upper butt cheek into my lower back. This has been going on for weeks. Started to take my pain pills that say take as needed every 4 hours hoping that would help but that doesn't even touch it.

    I get the insomnia so usually end up taking another hydrocordon at around 12 or 1 so that I can hopefully get some sleep. This morning I slept in till 9 but woke up once again in pain.

    Let us know what your doctor said and I'll compare it to what mine said. Who knows maybe we will both get the same answer. lol. I think that would be the first time any doctor agreed on a anything with this fibro thing. .......SueF

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