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    Well folks, it was to good to be least it lasted almost 3 complete days. Let me explain.

    Today I had my pool therapy at 11:00 right before my last posting to you all. I was still feeling good. The gals at therapy and I talked about the walk-a-thon this weekend and we were just so excited. I mean, I gave them the information, directions and the whole nine yards.

    When I left my pool session, I was still in good spirits...feeling on top of the world....came home.....had lunch...and read my messages.

    I also had an appt with my gyno at 2:30 and I was still feeling good. But wouldn't you know soon as I walked into the body started to ache all over again. When the nurse came in and took my readings, I was irratable, (that person again), in all over body pain especially my hips, legs and ankles......I mean this all happened within seconds!

    Anyhoot, my gyno looked at my card which I kept track of my menstrual cycle and he did not like what he saw. I mean like I had written before, I had "x's" all across the month of April towards today. He immediately told me that he wanted me to see a specialist to find out if their was any need for surgery or just the removal of cysts or tumors....I think that's what he said. By then, it was like my body was going to explode in pain. I could not sit or stand still. I thought, "No this cannot be happening to me." But it was.

    Anyhoot, the doctor told me that I was going to be seen by a specialist on Monday, May 19, who will perform a "Endometrios Abalation" or something like that. I asked him what this was and he told me that the specialist will go inside with a small microscope, if you will, and take a look to see what is going on in there. I was thinking to myself, "All he is going to find is a bunch of cob webs."

    The gyno mentioned that if the specialist sees something that requires attention, most likely he would burn the lining of ....... oh, I can't remember! Something to the effect that once the lining is burned, there is a possibility that I will never have a period.....or I will have a period which could lead to a hystorectomy. WOW! This sounds serious!

    Anyhoot, as I stated before, I could have sworn that I had found the cure for us all. Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

    Has anyone heard of this ENDOMETRIOS ABALATION?

    Life is so full of surprises. :)

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    Here's some info for you...

    "An endometrial ablation is an outpatient surgical procedure that destroys the uterine lining to eliminate or reduce bleeding from the uterus. This procedure is an alternative to a hysterectomy for women with heavy uterine bleeding who wish to avoid a hysterectomy. Women who have had a successful endometrial ablation will have light to normal periods, and some women will have no menstrual bleeding at all. The endometrium, however, has regenerative properties and some women’s heavy bleeding may recur."

    You can punch in endometrial ablation into Google search and come up with a ton of sites, (pro & con) to read about it a little. I've read alot of good reports, but then I've read some bad anything else I guess. Was researching this quite a bit, as I'm almost in the same boat you are...but knock on wood, between the vitamins and natural progestrone I've been trying something seems to be helping...this month I was normal...first time in almost 4 years. (Please God let it continue) I had my tubes tied after my son was born, it really got bad after that, stress is also probably a factor in my case.




    I've found a website on this and it is scary stuff!

    NeverEnding story!

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    with the info! I've heard it can help in cases. I'd just like to keep everything in there for awhile, my scorecard with medical procedures and meds is far from I've been doing a ton of reading.

    P.S. You mentioned you had been getting hormone shots before or did I read wrong?? I was placed on Progestin (Medroxyprogesterone), made everything much, much worse for me. Progestin does not work the same as natural Progesterone I'm learning, and does not have the side affects and risks. Too much to read...too little time.

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    Yes, I had one and they are not difficult. The surgery did put me into a flare but it was well worth it for all the bleeding I had going on. There is a great support group for this if you want me to email it to you I will. Here is my experience ...

    My story is ... I am 36 yrs. old. I have had two c-sections 1989 & 1991, tubal ligation 1992, started having irregular periods the beginning of 2002. Skipped a few and then in June got a period that was HEAVY and would not quit until I was given a shot of progesterone and depo-provera. Period stopped two days later. Then on July 24,2002 I started my period. HEAVY is not even a good word for it. Tons of clots and nothing would stop it. After many tests and bloodwork, the doctor did a D&C on August 1. Two days later I started bleeding even heavier. I was put on Provera 2x a day ... (it did nothing but dr continued it until EA) ... I had a sonohystogram in October, still no stopping the bleeding. FINALLY a second-opinion,I am now diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, dr recommended an ablation. I researched things. The dr asked which method I would prefer. I asked if he was trained to do the Novasure (I found it is the quickest method and has the highest rate of my never having a period again). The dr said he could do the Novasure and that he too liked this method the best. So after 125 days of HEAVY bleeding I had the ablation on November 25,2003 and ALL bleeding stopped before I left the hospital. Five months now with no bleeding. I feel good and highly recommend it.
    My experience at the hospital was...I arrived at the surgical center (not a hospital) at 6:15 AM. My surgery was scheduled for 7 AM. I was taken to the back and I gave a urine sample and then put on the gown. The nurse came in and reveiwed all the pre-op questions. She took my blood pressure and temperature. My husband came back until I was moved. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me and he also started my IV. I told him that when I had my first D&C in August that I was fine after the surgery but the next three days I could barely move and felt like a caravan of semi-trucks had hit me. I told him I would prefer the local. We talked. He said he would start with a local but that the position that you must be put in is difficult and that the muscles must be totally relaxed and that if he had to he would then use general. He also said that he felt it was not the general anesthesia that caused my "bad" feeling but a muscle paralyzer that he would not use. I was taken back to surgery at 7:15 or so and I moved myself over to the table and talked a bit to the nurses and anesthesiologist and then he said he was giving me some drugs and the next thing I know I am awake in recovery. I did end up with general anesthesia. (I have fibromyalgia and that may have made my muscles less cooperative)I had some cramping. The nurses gave me Toradol and Fentanyl (sp) and antibiotic. I laid for 20 minutes or so. Went to the bathroom where I had minimal spotting. I was taken to a reclner where I had to drink something (water or juice, I chose the water) and eat crackers. My husband came back. I sat for 20 minutes, the IV was taken out and I got dressed. I was released and home before 10 AM. I did have some strong cramping that day but got better each day. Heating pad helped some. I had a hard time sleeping but then again I usually do so who knows if that was from the surgery or FM. To date, no bleeding!!!

    Sorry I wrote so much but I want you to understand what the ablation did for me. But please, check out all your options and do what you feel is best for you. I wish you luck in your research and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.



    Are you kiddn'? I would not miss the walk for nothing in the world. I am keeping a positive attitude and I need to show up for support because eventually this walk will benefit the sense that I'll get to meet new people and find out where the Fibro support groups are in my neighborhood etc..

    So yes, rain or shine........I'm ready Lifedancer.

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    I ended up having a hysterectomy because my endo was internal (adenomyoma), which they can't diagnose until they do a biopsy of the removed tissues - Catch 22.

    My uterus was being pulled backwards and it was very painful. I was having the flu symptom flares with fever blisters, right along with my PMS every month - it was unbearable. Though my periods were very heavy, they remained regular as clockwork.

    One funny incident came out of one of these horrid months. I was shopping at Macy's for Christmas. I was in the housewares at the check-out and I had a nickle-sized scab from the blisters that month - right on the end of my nose. There was no way to cover it up, it was too obvious. The young man (naive) checking me out, was so curious about this, he finally asked me what had happened to my nose. I told him in a very matter-of-fact manner, I had been rock climbing and caught a scrap, that's all - he bought it in total sincerity. I never let on what it really was - bad girl, poker face the whole way.

    Anyway, I tried BC pill therapy first - which I had never before in my life ever taken - didn't help. I finally just told them to take it all out. Since I have a strong history of familial female reproductive cancers, right down to my sister (Thank you, Gina), the doctors concurred this was probably the best route.

    That said, this was the start of the worst flare of my CFIDS career and it's still going.

    I don't regret having the surgery though, because it did relieve me of that problem and the added extra stress and worry about cancer.

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    Hi Cookie,

    That was the best procedure ever!!! I had endometriosis, terrible pain..blah, blah...(you know the story)

    Anyways, I had the ablasion was a very simple (90 minute procedure done laproscopically) and it's been heaven ever since!

    No more still ovulate... but don't really bleed or have pain with your periods anymore...

    However, after a few years, the lining of your uterous can grow back...and everything else along with it, and you may need the procedure done again! A lot depends on your age when you have it done...

    It's been about seven years for me, and things are just starting to grow back...but I think at age 41, I'll just wait it out (you know, being probably closer to menopause and all) unless it gets really bad!

    Anyways...I'd recommend that procedure with a BIG SMILE!!!!

    It was really no big deal...the risks are fairly more then a D&C...after having it done, I had a few minor cramps that lasted for maybe a couple of hours..but they were nothing compared to what I was used to!

    But after that....Shear monthly heaven! No more clots! no more pain! And I even noticed those horrible mood swings seemed to dissipate quite a bit...???!!!

    Hope this helps with your decision...



    Is this another condition, Endometrios Abalation, triggered by Fibro?