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    Not sure which weather I prefer.I do know now that very cold weather makes me hurt in my bones,don't like that.But I love snow.Here in NC we are having a warm winter.My irises are coming up and my yellow rose of texas is budding.This happens every year here in NC.Plants start to bud and then come Feb. or March we get snow or ice and everything gets frost bitten.Makes me sick.I do like the temp. to be around 80 degrees.That suits me just fine.Hot weather is not for me.I usually get sick when I am outside in the sun too much.One reason I wonder about having lupus.My favorite time of the year is fall.Good camping weather and a good time to have a fire outside and roast hot dogs or just sit around with friends and talk.I love the smell in the fall.
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    I live in Tn. and am guessing our weather is somewhat similar. I love NC! And we are having a warmer than usual winter too and for that, I am so thankful!

    But like you, really hot weather just wipes me out and makes me nauseous. When I think back to younger days and how I use to lie in the sun tanning, I can't believe that was the same person! Do you feel a bone cushing fatigue and nausea when you get too hot? I do that and have often wondered about Lupus myself. But I think I am out of luck as I cannot seem to locate a doctor anywhere who will go the extra mile and test for it. Every doc I see chalks everything up to the fibro. I wish you better luck that I am having!
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    Sometimes you have to go to a specialist at one of the closest educational hospitals.My aunt lives in Lumberton,NC.Her dr. finally tested her for lupus and she tested positive.She was sent to the VA hospital in Durham for a specialist to check out her condition.

    In the summertime when I do too much gardening I get very sick.Nausea,extreme fatigue and pain.That is when I hurt the most.This past summer was awful.The worst pain I have ever had in my life including childbirth.Atleast with childbirth you can get an epadural(sp?)As amatter of fact I was dx. this summer with FM.I have this ugly stuff going across my face.I was told it was roseca but I wonder.SOmedays it is really bad and I hurt the most when it is really acting up.I have awful skin across my face just like the butterfly rash.I just love working outside in my gardens and I love exercising.Bith tend to send me into a flare especially the gardening.but I am stubburn and I am gonna play in the dirt if I want too by george.LOL!

    You take care of yourself and get that bloodwork done.Tell your dr. that you insist that he tests you for lupus.It is your body not are you only advocate.


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