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    HE has a bad case of croup, And if I had my way he would have gone to a urgent care center the first night they spent with us over this past weekend . But being the Grandma is much different than being the 1st time mommy who thinks that her peditrication is the greatest ever.

    So instead of taking Braxton to the urgent care I spent aboaut 20 minutes with him in teh bathroom that had the shower running on hot so hot that the bathroom was filled with steam and ebven though he was crying and coughing I knew that some of that steaam was getting in to his lungs.

    Then my daughter thought I was insane as I put vicks on his feet and put soscks on tehm too and put a light coating of baby viscks on his chest and back and then put him in to a onesie and then put him in to his blanket sleeper and wrapped him up in his blanket and put a hat one his head and we went out side where is was about 20 degrees cold enough to see your breath. And we walked him around for about ten minutes.

    WE then brought him in to the house and she nursed him and he fell alseep and he didn't wheeze as much and was breathing much easssiier all night long.As for my daughter adn SIL they thought I was insane by first having him breath steam and then putting all the vicks on him and taking him out in the cold.

    My daughter does not remember how any nights I spent with croupy babies and this was what I had to do to keep there lungs open. , all of the grils had croup and bronchlitis at one time or another and another.

    So I had to learn what to do when I could not take them to the hospital for the breathing treatment. And the thing with the vicks came from a neighbor who had tened one daughter who came down with the croup while I was out of town over night and she did all the steam and out in the cold but she added this to the mix, she would make sure that the baby was nice and warm and then rub vicks on her feet and put socks on tehm put the vicks on the chest and her back and put a nice warm undershirt and then she heated up a pan and put some vicks in it and also put a hot vaporizer in with the baby she had made a tent and put all of the things in to it and then put the baby under the tent and between wearing the undershirt socks and blanket sleeper she was warm enough and her cheswt cleared up quit fast.

    So I kept doing that when the girls got croupy. And it has worked fo rme but my grils that it was nuts but this one was not to thrilled at having to take her baby to the insta care and have them give him a breathing treatment she remembers them and remembers how hard she would cry adn scream so she didin't want to make him to that. So we did it my way.
    By the time they went home his fever had broken and he was less croupy and was eathing baby food again so he was feeling much better and still is doing better he still has the cough and will have it for a while but at least she know what to do with him and now to treat it with out going to the hospital but I told her that if the home treatment didnt help she was to take him to the hospital asap as croup can turn in to other things quite fast.

    So he is feeling better now and is back to eating and drinking water from a cup now and feels better too. thank you for all your concern.
    HUgs to all of you.
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    things to treat the baby's croup. I'm 48 and when my sons were little I was told to do the exact same things, from sitting in the bathroom with hot water steaming the room up, vicks vapor rub and bundling the baby up and go outside into the cold air for a bit.

    Also depending on the baby's age, my doctor suggested giving him those freezy pops (same as taking child out in cold weather).

    The ER/Pediatricians determined the treatment of "cold air" because the mothers would get into the "office" or ER, and would comment on HOW MUCH BETTER THE CROUPY COUGH HAD GOTTEN since they had left the house!

    So dear Rosemarie, you were right on with the treatment. Give your daughter time and she'll figure this out as fact just like we did!

    I am so happy the baby is doing better!!!


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