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    Here is the article from the Free Press. I cut and pasted it from the website. The side bar info is first then the article. I removed all the websites and phone numbers.

    The fight against fatigue
    Treatment helps woman battle syndrome

    Side Bar:

    The signs
    Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome? It's hard to know for sure.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that fewer than 20% of chronic fatigue patients have been diagnosed with the disease. Doctors at Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center Inc. say patients have extreme, unexplained fatigue lasting six months or more with four or more of the following:

    Chronic or frequent sore throat

    Muscle pain

    Short-term memory loss

    Headaches unlike those previously experienced

    Joint pain unrelated to injury or trauma

    Tender lymph nodes

    Unrefreshing sleep

    Post-exertional exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours

    Chronic low-grade fever


    Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center Inc.: The national center was founded by a doctor who suffered chronic fatigue. Call the Troy location at . The center's Web site, features live chats with patient representatives. Created by a chronic fatigue patient who has spent more than 20 years researching the disease, the site includes message boards and chats. You also can sign up for e-mail newsletters.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Search for "chronic fatigue" to find current research and statistics as well as treatment news.

    September 3, 2006
    Sure, we all feel tired.

    But imagine feeling so tired you sleep for 22 hours then wake up only to find yourself, well, tired.

    Then imagine being unable to shop for groceries or vacuum the house without needing a nap. Imagine feeling sick with the flu every day.

    This has been Darlene Mitchell's reality.

    For more than a decade, the Sterling Heights woman has battled chronic fatigue syndrome, a disorder best defined as extreme exhaustion that no amount of sleep can help.

    There is no cure for the disease, and there is no one test to diagnose it. Chronic fatigue is often grouped with fibromyalgia, a disease that involves fatigue with severe muscle pain. Darlene's struggle began 14 years ago, at a time when both diseases were grouped together and branded the yuppie flu. Over the years, she went through periods of feeling sick for months at a time. She saw numerous doctors who ran numerous tests. Some dismissed Darlene as a hypochondriac and suggested counseling.

    Then, two years ago, Darlene became really ill -- extreme tiredness, muscle aches, brain fatigue. She finally realized she had chronic fatigue syndrome.

    "The disease affects every aspect of your life," says Darlene, 47, referring mostly to her roles as a wife, mom and professional.

    Darlene works three days a week as a financial consultant, though she often feels too sick to work.

    She feels sad when her two sons see her so tired. And she feels guilty when her husband, Ron, pitches in with household chores even though he works between 50 and 60 hours a week as an engineer.

    But there is hope.

    Recently, Darlene found help through Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center Inc. of Troy. The center offers individualized treatment regimens.

    Sultana Mustafa is Darlene's doctor there.

    "Patients come in to our office after they have been everywhere looking for help," says Mustafa, a former family practice doctor.

    After an in-depth interview and exam, Mustafa molds a specific treatment regimen for her patients. For Darlene, treatment includes dietary changes, natural supplements and medicine for thyroid and blood disorders, both of which are common in chronic fatigue patients.

    Darlene has spent thousands of dollars on the treatment, which is not covered by insurance. She has no regrets -- after four months with the center, she says she feels about 50% of the woman she was before the disease invaded her body.

    "I feel like I have part of my life back," Darlene says. "If I stayed at this level, I could live with that, but I'm very optimistic I will get to be about 95% of my former self."

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    And got some interesting replies. One sis said she "didn't know I was that bad". This is the same sis who ridiculed me for only being able to work three days a week. She is diabetic and worked two jobs so she thinks I should be able to do the same. I know she doesn;t have it easy, but doesnt' mean that I do. I still don't think she gets it. Oh well!

    I also recieved an email from the reporter who wrote the story. She says she already heard from several women with CFIDS who read the article who wanted to thank her for writing it. I hope it also reaches some who are sick but don't understand yet what is going on.

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    for anyone to see
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    Again, good job!!!!

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    For the kind words
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    Thanks for posting the article. Every time something like that gets printed, a few more people start to understand. You have made a real contribution.

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    I hope there are some undiagnosed who read this and are encouraged to get some help. And that when they seek help, thier drs understand thier problems !!!!!!!!
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    Congrats on putting the word about there about CFIDS.

    I hope you get to be 95% or more of yourself as well.


    PS: The FFC should give you a little discount for doing some PR for them.
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    I agree with you about the FFC discount. The doctor did say thank you and wasn't I sweet to do this!

    I just want others to be able to recognize if they have the illness and seek help whether it is at an FFC or somewhere else!!
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