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    I am on the edge of my seat as the show begins because there is no shoe-in tonight, just a few theories, as I posted earlier, on a different thread. So, without further ado...and awaaaay we FINALLY go!!!!!!!

    The show opens with lots of screaming satellite fans from the respective hometowns of both Archuleta and Cook.

    The top twelve emerged to sing 'Get Ready', all dressed in coordinating white. It was so good to see all of our favorites together again--like a pre-tour warm-up!!! So far, Cook and Archuleta look remarkably relaxed, although I have to laugh at Cook,he looks a little out of his element in the choreographed dance numbers. Yay! True to his rocker roots!! Everybody knows, real die-hard rockers can't dance--LOL!!!

    BTW,I have the distinct feeling that us viewers are going to be totally overwhelmed by commercials due to the finale and 'sweeps' week, so buckle up kiddies...

    Cook emerges after the commercials to sing 'Hero' with Archuleta, and they both look like their having a really good time. Could they be thinking,it's all over anyway, so we may as well rock it out on our own terms? I sure hope so. And Cook always places a brotherly, protective arm on little David's shoulder. Gotta love that.

    What was up with the guru/mentor segment?? Did I miss something?? I didn't get it at first, but then I realized it was Mike Myers, the Love Guru himself!! How much did you laugh at the guru briefly jamming Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water'? Boy, that song can take me back.. And the shaving cream on Cook's face-- hilarious!!! And he keeps saying,'Mariska Hargitay' and the winner will be David......that joke is getting old by now guys!!! And I really wanted to see Ryan fly on his a** when he spontaneously rode the pillow across the stage. He can be moderately obnoxious at if only he hopped like Kermit the frog, now that I would enjoy.

    Syesha out next, singing with SEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can you tell I might have loved it???? I absolutely love his music, and the man that he is. What a phenomenal duet. Lucky Syesha!!! And modest guy that he is, he would probably say that he was the lucky one...

    Jason Castro out next, singing 'Hallelujah'--Kjade, please be watching!! I think the song gods specifically wrote this gem for our angel Jason. And when he hold that note at the end, you just know nobody does this song better than he does.

    Next, the commercial montage of the top twelve for Ford was adorable. I don't think it's acting, I think they all truly, immensely enjoy each other's company.

    Then Ryan announces that both David's are each getting an 'Escape' hybrid vehicle. Wonderful!!

    Next out, our top girls, decked out in shiny red, collectively performing Donna Summer's 'She Works Hard For the Money' and 'Hot Stuff', and then Donna Summer herself emerges to sing her new single. Damn, Donna looks great for almost sixty!! Then she broke out into 'Last Dance', one of her signature songs, and you quickly realize, this lady's still got the pipes , man!!! Syesha sang a few bars with her and she looked so in awe, probably couldn't believe it herself. It was amazing!!

    Next out singing 'The Letter' was Carly Smythson and Michael Johns. A great arrangement and overall, a fabulous duet. Their voices really compliment each other. Thoroughly enjoyable. And have I mentioned this season how good looking Michael Johns is..LOL!!!!

    Jimmy Kimmel out next for a little AI standup--the tipping Sanjaya the parking attendant opening joke wasn't so great though. I loved the Simon Cowell montage of all his 7th season negative adjectives though!!

    Next out, our top six guys, performing Bryan Adam's 'Summer of Sixty Nine' and 'Heaven'. And they rocked it out. I actually saw Bryan Adams a few years ago, so I can definitively say, they did his music justice!!! And then he emerges, and rocks it out some more with the boys. What a thrill for them--Archuleta looked awestruck!!

    At this juncture, it's 8:52 pm EST, we're off to a commercial, and I'm wondering how they're going to fill another hour plus. Oh wait, I know, 44 commercials, and twenty actual minutes of show...

    And we're back. David Cook out to sing 'Sharp Dressed Man' with none other than ZZ Top. Win or lose, this will be a night he will never, ever forget--a rocker dude's dream come true!! I am so happy for him!! The Cookies were going wild! You know, win or lose, our man Cook's got it man....I can't wait to buy his CD.

    Brook White performing next, singing 'Teach Your Children Well' with Graham Nash and their harmony is just beautiful, voices melding like perfection. This is our Miss Brook's definitive type of song, and she looked just beautiful in her flowing blue dress.

    I LOVED,LOVED, LOVED the Guitar Hero commercial with David Cook parodying Tom Cruise performing Bob Seeger's 'Old Time Rock and Roll' number from the movie Risky Business. It was hilarious, but went by so quickly, some people may have actually missed it...

    The Jonas Brothers sing next, performing 'S.O.S.'--these kids seem so pre-fabbed. No spontaneous, raw talent here. Very popular with the kids though...

    Then there was a quick recap of the worst auditioners of the season, reminding us why we all love to watch this show in the first place. So many people and so very many jacka**es!!!

    And then out on the AI stage, that insane imbecile Rinaldo...someone should seriously put him out of his misery. This time filler is ridiculous and a waste of viewer's time as well as an insult to viewer integrity. I HATED IT. I'm with a still seated Simon on this one--he declined to go up on the stage. It's the only time I can honestly think, thank God for the commercials.

    One Republic out next, performing 'Apologize'. I absolutely LOVE this song!!! How many times do I walk around my house, singing to myself, "And it's too late to apologize...." and I don't even realize it. This is one of those 'on it's way to being classic' songs that you can't get out of our head. And Archuleta's harmonizing with them was flawless. What a performance!!! And I loved the 'Team David' tee-shirts!!

    Jordin Sparks, last year's American Idol out next, singing 'One Step At A Time'. She's matured so much inside of a year. Her sound is wonderful and she looks incredibly poised. What a journey she's embarked on this year!

    Next, Gladys Knight 'auditioning'--Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. as potential Pips. These three idiots were hilarious! I have the distinct feeling these three were the quintessential bad boys when they were in school. My family and I were hysterical watching this bit. BTW, I don't think they got the 'Pips' gig.

    Carrie Underwood out next, looking sensational, belting out 'Last Night'. I love her, but it's a little too reminiscent of 'Before He Cheats.' I think she may soon need a re-invention. And yet, I adore her!

    Archuleta now appears in the Risky Business Guitar Hero commercial. Hope you caught it!!!

    For the last time, before the final results,our top twelve emerge--girls first singing George Michael's 'Faith'. Amanda Overmeyer really looked and sounded out of her element on this one!! Then the boys emerge, and join the girls, collaboratively singing 'Father Figure' and then 'Freedom'. I remember how much I liked Chikezie!! I'm so glad he's on the tour too. And then, George Michael himself emerges, performing a very beautiful ballad entitled, 'Praying For Time.' You have to really listen to the words of this song and the story it tells. Very moving and eloquent. Not surprising from a guy who wrote 'Careless Whisper' at the ripe old age of 16.

    And after this break, we're promised....A NEW AMERICAN IDOL!!!

    And now the moment we've all been waiting, and waiting, and waiting,and waiting, and waiting for...the two David's standing on the stage..looking nervous as all hell. The judges tribute to them was lovely--and meaningful. Simon congratulated both of them--actually apologizing for being disrespectful to Cook last evening. I am shaking...and the new American Idol winning by a respectable 12,000,000 votes is..... DAVID COOK!!! and he's crying!!!! I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!

    i just have to say it:


    His mom and his brother join an emotional David Cook on stage, as he sings us out with 'Time Of My Life.' He is flawless, adorable, and rocker--everything OUR American Idol should be. He gives hope to all the rocker dudes who thought American Idol wasn't worth the bother. And may I just say, one more time:

    DAVID COOK IS OUR AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAVID COOK IS OUR AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAVID COOK IS OUR AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, as they say, all's well that end's well. I also would like to say how much fun it has been for me to write this. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    I guess I'll sign off now--but I'm too pumped to go to bed. I'm not even sure if I'll sleep tonight, because....




    P.S. BTW, when it was announced that Cook had won, my daughter and I screamed and cheered so loud that my cat ran under the sofa in the other room and he won't come out now. I guess my voice needs a little work....

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    I swear I could hear the crowd at the Power and Light District when they announced he won. And I live 10 miles from there! This city will be rocking all night and for days and night to come!

    I'm not a big ZZ TOP fan but David Cook rocked my boat tonight!

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    Very Nice Job, David Cook!!

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    That was so cool, it was a great show and you did a perfect review. It took me a few seconds on David Cook and Guitar Hero, so wasn't surprized to see DA do it to. DC looked MUCH better in the breifs,hehe.

    My favorite moment was David C with ZZTop, love that song and have seen them in person, telling my age, just an ole hippy,hehe.

    I am very happy for David, he seemed to be overwhelmed and look so sad when he was hugging David A and kept looking over at him and couldn't find the words to explain how he felt.

    All VERY emotional, I am sure David A's father already has "people" waiting to sell David too, poor kid, when does he turn 18? I do believe he is an old soul, and we will see more of him.

    But I will buy DC first CD, I wonder how much creative input they will allow him? It should be a alot-he does have what it takes-He was HOT! tonight- hey an old hippie can dream can't we-Carla
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    Checking in from atop the "Team David" fence in the central time zone....Whoo Hoo!!! Ouch.

    We have a winner! I am so happy for David Cook! DAVID COOK ROCKS!!! And at the same time, I'm crushed for little David Archuleta. Booooo! But as I said before, they are BOTH winners! Little David looked truly happy for his big rocker brother when he won. That made it easier for that half of me.

    I loved the duet they did together up front. They sound perfect together and seem to genuinely love and respect each other. I wish we could have more of the pair together. That, and a 50/50 tie would have been perfect.

    It was fun seeing some of the kids perform with such huge names in the biz. I can just imagine how exciting this whole event was for them, not to mention the entire AI experience. Truly a life altering experience for them! I just know that when ZZ Cook was on stage, David was praying inside that every kid he ever knew in his life was watching him RIGHT NOW! And seriously, Cook put the "TOP" in ZZTop tonight. They sound even better with him singing lead!

    A few nitpicks...

    The Jonas Bros - I'm not feelin it. But then, I'm not 12. (I think those boys are riding the cute train to stardom.)

    Jordin Sparks dress looked like something June Cleaver picked up for her on the planet Krypton. And Dorothy Gale taught her the skippity dance moves.

    Carrie Underwood nearly had a "wardrobe malfunction" with that open skirted dress. Where's that double sided tape when you need it? She's so amazing and beautiful though, any malfunction would probably go unnoticed.

    Amanda still seems like such a square peg. Still get the feeling she is NOT really into this scene.

    And the good stuff....

    1. Jason!
    2. Jason singing Hallelujah.
    3. Jason having the time of his life tonight!
    It was great to see him again. His voice really stands out in the group as something beautiful and unique. Hope he has big plans in his future! I'll be camping out for his CD, in line right behind Kjade.

    Michael Johns!!!!! I love him! He sounded better than ever tonight.

    Michael George was awesome! The song he sang was so beautiful, so heartfelt, and the words so touching, it brought me to tears. I will need to go find that online and listen a dozen more times.

    Great season, excellent finale, and with a final two that truly deserved to be there. I am thrilled for David Cook and his family. And I am confident that David Archuleta will be equally successful. Plus, there are several incredibly talented kids in the top 10 who I know will also go on to even greater stardom than they have already achieved.

    Laura, I thought about you about halfway through, and the work you had cut out for yourself tonight. As always, you have provided us with a fun, spirited and concise review of the extravaganza. I appreciate you taking the time to host this thread, and making it so much fun with your great sense of humor. You are a great writer, a gracious hostess, and a blast to chat Idol with! Thanks again!

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    I'm glad he won - I like little David but if he'd won it would have been because of his cuteness, but I think he'll go far anyway.

    I'll catch this at the weekend.

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    I don't watch these types of programs but, while searching for something to watch last night, I noticed there was about 5 min. left to see American Idol.

    As we all now know, David Cook won. I live in OK, so every fan in this state is doing a happy dance. Can't say I don't feel a bit of pride either.

    But!! When he sang the closing song, I thought to myself - he does not have a distinctive voice. He sounds like everyone else!!

    Show me a singer with a distinctive voice and I'll show you a winner.
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    Go back on youtube and watch a few clips of David Cook's past performances. That last song was a contest-winning song chosen for him--not indicative of his personal style at all. His reputation is actually partially based on the fact that he sets himself apart; putting very different spins on every cover song he performs.

    If you are not familiar with his performances, I could see how you would think he sounded 'ordinary.' People who watch regularly know that is absolutely not the case for our man Cook!!

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    Thanks so much for your good words. It was alot of work last nignt, but it was definitely worth it. Besides, it's a good spontaneous writing drill for me; I am in the process of writing several fiction pieces for publication and this thread is actually a great digression for me.

    One of your observations really cracked me up--saying Cook was hoping every kid he ever knew was watching. I hope so, especially the ones who weren't so nice to him. But who couldn't like him? Everybody has to have liked him (I sound like Jerry Seinfeld's mother !!) You and I seemed to agree on alot of points over the season--not everybody always agrees with us, but that's why there's a voting process right? It just feels good toknow everybody voted OUR WAY!!!

    My biggest fear is Archuleta taking crap from his father. I just got the early edition of our local paper and one of the columnists claims Cowell's criticism of Cook was deliberate; that in years past, the contestant most criticized by Simon on the last night got the most votes; supposedly fans are motivated to vote against Simon. Archuleta's father was considered way too meddlesome and not fun as a potential partner. And bottom line, they feel Cook will sell more records.

    If all this reeks to some viewers, people must never lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day AI is nothing but a business. Nothing more. Nothing less. At least in the process of doing business, we were able to be amused, entertained and introduced to performers who will entertain us home. Now that, my friend, is music to my ears!!

    Peace Out--Laura
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    I thought the show last night was AMAZING!! I haven’t seen a Finale show that good! I thought it was really all about the music for a change. Wonderful performances, and some funny stuff thrown in (The Gladys Knight & the “Pips”! OMG – hysterical!)

    I must say, I was really shocked but soooooo happy that David Cook won! I really thought it was going to be little David. I was crying right along with Cookie! And I just loved when he pulled all of his friends up on that stage with him…..truly touching! I actually liked his finale song (I like those sappy type numbers) ANNNNNNDDD….I heard it on the radio already this morning! His 1st single! And the satellite screen had the name of the song, and it said David’s name, and “The New American Idol”. WOW…..this is the first time I am so happy for the winner since Kelly Clarkson.

    And I feel for little David – but he was so cute, so gracious……I wanted to cry for him. I just LOVED his performance of “Apologize” – that song is my absolute FAVORITE song of the year, but I was also a little sad because I always pictured Jason singing that song – oh well. I mentioned to dh when he was singing that he is going to be gorgeous in about 5 years….never noticed how cute he was before. And I loved Cook with ZZ Top……he was AWESOME! He rocked it out – loved it!!

    Then there was Jason! The only thing that bothers me is….all the other Top 5 contestants got to do duets, except Jason. I don’t understand why. And the others’ songs were all 3-4 minutes long, and Jason’s was only 1 ½ minutes. But he brought me to tears…..I knew ahead of time he was singing that song (one of my 2 favorites of the season from him) so I was so nervous for him, because he always thought he screwed up that last note the 1st time he sang it. I could see how nervous he was (you could see how bad he was shaking) – but he hit it perfectly. I REALLY wish they would do a Studio version of that song. OMG….I love that boy! Did anyone see him moving around at the end of the 1st group performance? Everyone else was standing still and he was running in circles? I read somewhere that he thought something was on fire because it was so hot on the stage (or something like that). HaHa – he is too funny!!

    This really has been quite a season! So many ups and downs and crazy turns. I’m glad it’s over, but I am a little sad too. Although the final 2 were not the 2 I wanted in the end, the one I wanted to win did ~ and he deserved it. I cannot wait for their albums to come out!!

    One more thing…….I still cannot get over that dress that Jordin was wearing!! UGH….dh & I didn’t even hear her song because we were too busy complaining about that dress – AWFUL!! She really needs a new stylist! She is such a beautiful girl, but that DRESS!! There are no words to describe it………although I love 4everkid’s description above – that made me laugh out loud!! And Amanda….she was hysterical! I couldn’t stop watching her! She sooooo did not want to be there – could she have at least PRETENDED to enjoy herself?

    I cannot wait for my concert!! I have enough time to figure out how I am going to get backstage, so I will have to let y’all know what they are all like in person!!

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    First YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

    And then, an apology to all the American Idol fans. Yesterday I said it would be a popularity contest and the best singer wouldn't win. America has more taste then I gave it credit for. I've never been so happy to be wrong!

    BTW I put the dog in the bedroom before the end so he wouldn't end up under the couch!

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    I feel badly that you missed the moment the American Idol was announced. I am sure you can go to youtube and visit it.

    On my previous post of last evening, I mentioned to everybody to set their Tivo's or their VCR's for 2+ hours--last year's show ran to 10:05 PM EST and many people missed the end. Same thing last night. There is a methodology--a psychological component to it; that's why these networks deliberately do this. Apparently, the average viewer is less inclined to change the channel once a show segues into the next hour, even if it's just by a few minutes. Even if it only works for a margin of the viewing public, I guess the networks figure it's their margin.


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    A lot of vocalists make facial contortions when they sing, and many musicians do the same when playing guitar. I don't understand why it happens, but I imagine it has to do with the artist really feeling the music and being one with it.

    You see it a lot with blind singers, like Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, who are more in tune to the music itself and not the surroundings. Many of the great artists do it, blind or not. It is probably linked to the same thing that makes people stick their tongue out when they write. I see it as a sign of a mind/body synchronization.

    I thought Jason was great last night. And I am glad they allowed him to reprise Hallelujah, one of his greatest moments this season.

    No, he's not a powerhouse vocalist, and he will be the first to admit that he has a soft voice. But he has a unique and beautiful voice that will lend itself to recording.

    I personally didn't think Jason seemed to be lacking confidence. But than I have been watching all season, and am accustomed to his ways. I thought he seemed to be having a great time though.

    But who wouldn't be a little nervous up there? All those huge stars in attendance on stage and in the audience, the bright hot lights, and the whole country watching... And you have to admit, the choreography is so cheesy! Most guys this age would NEVER willingly sign up for this goofy dance troupe, but its part of the top 10 package.

    I was thinking last night, just how much stuff these kids had to learn for this big finale. Several group songs and medleys, several dance numbers, solos, duets, and where to stand at all times. On top of that for the group, the Davids had several commercials to do, the movie and whole act with Mike Meyers. That's a LOT of stuff to learn amd memorize in one week!

    BTW, the rock sitar stuff cracked me up! I don't know if I could sit through the whole movie, but the concept of it and the skit last night was hilarious.

    Also, I have to say, in defense of little Archie.... In all the reviews and comments around the net, it seems that in the process of people showing their delight in Cook's win, they have to include a lot of negativity for Archuleta. I just don't get it. The kid is amazing! Yeah, Cook is the better performer, and the obvious favorite. But does that automatically mean that Archuleta sucks? If DC had not been there, DA would have been the sure winner. I think they both are great! I also think that 5 others of the top 10 were amazing artists who will go far. Really, there wasn't a dud in the bunch!
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    I thnk Jordin has put on weight. I don't know if the show gives them clothes to wear, or whether the contestants pick out their own clothes.

    That dress was very unflattering. I did notice that the fullness in the skirt portion of the dress was meant to cover up her "backside". It didn't work.
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    ....was poking worldwide fun at a man who clearly had some sort of mental issues or autism.(the black guy who was singing summertime or some such thing)...that was not funny.

    And encouraging that poor man to come on and make a complete fool of himself was childish beyond belief. Third rate.

    Graham Nash and Brooke were good and George Michael song beautiful.

    First time I ever watched AI, won't do so again, but I did like the two who won, it was about even in my book, despite the more votes.


    I wonder what portion of profit coke make against what is raised?
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    I just watched David Cook on Leno. Plus I watched an interview with him on the TVguide Channel. He is SUCH a nice guy. He's humble, intelligent and speaks very highly of David A. and all the others. The poor guy is exhausted already though! (They need to give him a day off, so he can let it sink in.) They couldn't have found a nicer guy to win this thing, or a better role model for the youngsters.
  17. Jana1

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    YOU are as good and better than many of the writers on the realitytv board.

    I wish you would get a job there...honestly, send in samples of your work to a few of the sites that do this type of thing...YOU have what it takes!!!!


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