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    I wanted to share my story with you in hopes to help you.
    January this year I became feeling extremely tired and weak. I didn’t worry about it at first I just thought it’s after the holiday tiredness.

    After my condition got worse I started to worry. I began to feel so weak and tired that I felt drunk. I felt that I was hit by the bus: it was so hard to concentrate, to function to even move. I had a terrible brain fog and almost trembled from weakness. I went to numerous doctors including specialist from UCLA and blood tests were completely fine. They sent me to do MRI and CATscan on my head, because they couldn’t understand the brain fog, drunk feeling, etc. Tests came back normal.

    I got really depressed and couldn’t go back to work. I felt so tired and helpless that I cried every day. I had to take a leave from work for 4 months. I started researching and thought I had a CFS. I was terrified because there is no real cure for it. Before this happened I was a really active person working out every day, going out with my friends and I just turned 29. I thought my life was over.

    Like I said I started researching on line and came across underactive thyroid symptoms. I felt that I had most of the symptoms but I didn’t gain any weight. I went to see endocrinologist and she told me that my blood tests are fine and I don’t have a thyroid problem. I went to see homeopathic doctor and he recommended Dr. Catz in Beverly Hills because he was convinced that I had underactive thyroid.

    I waited a month to see Dr. Catz meanwhile I was at Whole Foods and saw a book written by Richard Shames Thyroid Power. I bought it and read cover to cover right at Whole Foods. I took the quiz and realized that most of my symptoms are related to low thyroid. I later went to see Dr. Catz who also made me do the ultrasound. My blood test are fine, but my thyroid was enlarged, which meant it was working too hard to produce hormones. Dr. Catz put me on the medicine and 10 days later I already felt so much better that I went back to work. Brain fog finally lifted and I had energy again. Eventually with switching couple of medicines I feel great. I’m back to running, working out, enjoying life.

    Here is how my story can help you. Remember that CFS is a symptom it’s not the cause something must be causing this, it might very well maybe your underactive thyroid. You can’t diagnose underative thyroid thru blood tests at least not most of the time.

    You have to find a really good endocronogist who would listen to your symptoms and will do ultrasound, not the one that will spend 5 minutes with you and just stare at blood tests like a robot. Trust me I’ve been told that I have a virus, CFS, you name it. I would also recommend a book by Mary Shomon “ How to live well with hypothyroid” she also has a website You can find top endocronologists listed by state there as well.

    It was tough for me to write about this as looking back at the early part of this year my life was a nightmare, I’m back to healthy and happy self I hope you can too. You might have something else completely unrelated to what I’m writing here but it might be worth checking it out.

    Also just trust yourself to take health in your own hands and don’t trust doctors too much. You have to find a really good physician. Just because someone got a medical degree and have a practice doesn’t mean he/she is a good physician. Please be your best advocate and I’m sure you’ll find answers.

    I wish you best of luck.
    I will try to check this site periodically if you have questions.
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    I don't mean to offend you, but could you go back to your post and edit it and make it into a lot of short paragraphs?

    When a paragraph is sooooo long without any breaks, it is so difficult to read ... especially with all of us whose heads are so foggy!!

    Thanks. I'll be back to read it in the morning. It's 1:45 am my time!
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    Great posting and helpful.....

    I agree on we can have various things to make us feel like we do and that we have to active in finding same.

    Thanks again.
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    Thanks for a good post. My thyroid too was very underactive. I also had a lot of cyst and nodules on it. My regular doctor said the tests were normal. When I went to the Fm and Fatigue Centers he said immediatly my thyroid was a big part of my problem. He put my on thyroid and I felt and big difference.

    I read somewhere that years ago the raised the numbers for what is considered noraml thyroid readings and that`s when all these people started having Fm. Many people that should be treated for low thyroid aren`t because of this change.

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