hereditary sensory neuropathy type II

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by hopperf, Aug 6, 2003.

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    Anyone know anything about this. After ten years of various diagnosis' this is the most current with the doctor saying he can treat the symptoms but there is no cure. It started ten years ago with my right little toe feeling a little tingley and has gotten to the point today were I have extreme difficulty walking due to pain in both feet up to the knees and it is now starting on my right arm from the elbow down to the fingers, nothing in the left yet. I was on Neurontin 1500m daily but could'nt handle the weight gain and received minimal relief with it anyway. Recently have started Topamax 25m increases weekly, currently at 100m and the Doctor is shooting for 3oom but it really does a number on your head. Anyone have any luck with this? I'm a 50 year old grandmother who would like to actively enjoy my family so any information from anyone out their would be appreciated.
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    Have you gotten a second opinion ?
    Are they sure nothing is pressing against anything, sometimes that can't be seen.
    I was in a car accident, I have that prob., & it does get worse after the yrs. Now I got Fm I surly think this is all linked.
    Get another opinion Blessings to you
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    actually it's been been diagnoised as neuropathy ten years ago and I've been to three different neurologist with the last being at the univercity of Wisconsin where I got the final one, funny thing is my GP gave me the initial neuropathy diagnosis $$$ of dollars ago, go figure. The topamax has my arms starting to feel normal again and my legs down to my ankles but not to much for the feet yet, anyone have any luck with it?